Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's In a Name?

In this case, a lot.

For nearly a year, Mia has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor because she simply refused to believe that her bed was not a trampoline. And one trip to the ER was enough for her doing a head-first dive out of her crib. (Sadly, a true story, but one with a happy ending. PRAISE GOD!) That incident made me overly concerned about her falling out of her regular bed, so we removed the crib and the bed from her room and left a sad little mattress. But, I am happy to say that we put her "big girl" bed back up this week. She loves it and has had no problems sleeping on it. This also meant that I was finally able to work on her name art for a near-empty wall in her room. I wanted to do one for her just like I did for Leila's room, but I knew if I had put it up earlier when she was sleeping right underneath it, she would have just ripped it right off the wall.

I think both girls really enjoy seeing pictures of themselves as they are playing in their room or trying to doze off to sleep. I really love it, too, as one glance at it reminds me of so many great memories. (Although Leila's pictures desperately need updated!) As I put in Leila's original post, anyone is welcome to copy the idea if they like it. (Click on Leila's link for instructions.) It's really simple and it only took me a couple of hours to do Mia's name. The over sized clothes pins are from P*ottery Barn Kids, although I bought them a couple of years ago and I don't believe they sell them any longer. This is just one more thing you can do with all your pictures. :-)


This photo is not uploaded through Flickr, in case you want to double click to enlarge. (Each letter is 24" tall with a 4" tab to fit into the clips.)

I also bought a new table for Mia's room this week. (Homegoods, ladies.) She and Leila have been having quite a few tea parties on it. Today, Mia and her bear had one. So cute!

20080828_23 2

20080828_24 2

A few of my other favorite things about Mia's room:
082808 Mias Room

Update: If anyone is interested in supporting a great organization and getting a beautiful poster, the Great Wall poster is from the Half the Sky shop. (Mia was a HTS-sponsored child.) Here's a link. I just purchased the white frame at Michael's.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Michelle -- I love, love, love her name art! The Tongginator truly could have used that our first year home to help her sleep issues.

And I've always said those in the China-adoption community typically fall into two groups - the ladybug clique and the panda obsessed. I see you are a member of the former, while I must confess to a membership in the latter group.

Ronda said...

That is the most creative idea I have seen lately. What a wonderful reminder of your memories together. I love the things in Mia's room-Ella has many of the same of her favorites is the handmade China doll. I going to ponder if I am creative enough to pull of your picture/name idea =).

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the name picture idea!

ADELE said...

Oh Michelle, I love her room. She looks so darling pouring tea for her teddy bear. Her room is just filled with so much love with all of her pretty ladybug things. We have that same little ladybug Stephen Joseph frame. Thanks for sharing these pics. Oh, I love the photo idea. SO CLEVER! Have a great weekend.

mommy24treasures said...

wow! Those are beautiful!
I love seeing your fav pieces. Very pretty.

Steffie B. said...

OMW....LOVE IT....and I need that picture of the Chinese girl with the red thread......where did you find it?

Amie said...

Cute. Cute. Cute!! I may have to steal this one. who am I kidding, I am not crafty enough to pull it off even with illustrated step by step instructions. one can dream though...

Happy Big Girl Bed Day!

Becki party of 5 said...

I love her name art, what a great idea!!
Can you believe Addie (same age is Mia) is still in her crib, and doesn't even stand up?! I'm ready for a bed for her, but figure why mess with a good thing?!

Shawnstribe said...

what a beautiful blog, i love the names, what a cool idea

Marla said...

Michelle, her room is adorable. I love everything in it and might steal a few ideas. :o)

Somewhere In The Sun said...

I love Mia's room! The red and pink look so good together. And the name art is fantastic!

p.s. Love your new header too!

Rebecca said...

LOVE the picture-art idea!! Wow, Creative Lady!! :) Mia's room is just precious. Love the combination of red & pink - those were the colors I did for Claire's room when she was little. :)


kris said...

As a lover of photography you KNOW I am LOVING that Mia's name on the wall- that is SO cool!! Her room is beautiful-

missy said...

I love the name wall art!!! What a creative idea. It really put it into perspective how big it is when you see it in the picture behind Mia.

I love her table! I can hear the giggles from the two of them now. I love Home Goods. I DO NOT need anymore retail therapy. I have been told I am banned from shopping for a year : )

Mia is gorgeous and has such a pretty, girly bedroom!
Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Hi Michelle!

You are so very creative! I have never seen this type of name art and just love it!!! Mia's room is soooo pretty.

I also love the tea party girls have tea parties all day long!

Have a wonderful week-end!

Denise C said...

OH how precious!!! I just love it all!!! What a darling little room for a sweet little angel!
Sweet Blessings!
Denise C

sjh said...

Hi Michelle- Just catching up with you and the girls. What a CUTE idea! I love Mia's room! Hope we can see you soon at a playgroup! In the meantime take care!

Stacy (and Mia)

Joe and Jane said...

What an adorable room! And good for Mia to moving up to her big girl bed! (It was a recent journey for us too, as you know!)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for coming to visit my blog..your words were so kind!

Your daughters are both very beautiful and I love the name art for their rooms....what a brilliant idea!

I will be back to visit soon....what a lovely blog!


Leslie said...

You are so talented Michelle. Love that name art. I also see some of the same things Mia has, that Lily has also. Very Very neat.

Mia room is fit for a Princess for sure. Beautiful.

Felicia said...

Mia's room is fabulous. The shelves are sooo cute and all the accessories related to her heritage -- I absolutely love!!

Global Girl said...

Oh, my! That is a beautiful room :)

Jboo said...

Wow -- what a beautiful room!! You are so talented!


Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

This is so creative and adorable!!! Girlfriend you have inspired me!!! Thanks!