Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Letter from Da Xin!!

We received a wonderful surprise in our inbox today!! No, not a TA... yet... but a long-awaited second letter from Da Xin. We're still waiting for the pictures that came with it. Our agency dropped them in the mail today. I am guessing they are hand-drawn pictures and not photos of her, but I'll just have to wait and see. That will be another nice surprise arriving later this week. (Hopefully with a TA!)

Through the letter, we are finally able to learn a little bit more about her foster family. The economy sounds pretty similar to local headlines. In the letter, Da Xin refers to herself as 11. I sure hope not!! I hope she was just rounding up to the 7 days until her birthday. If she was 11 on May 9, then we have some serious issues with her paperwork. I've already started rounding up, so I'll just assume she was, too. The letter also confirms something we already assumed through the referral information - she isn't taking any English in school, although I did find it quite interesting that one of her courses is "moral character."

She sounds like such a sweetheart. I am starting to pack and get ready for traveling. I went out tonight and purchased a few more clothes for Da Xin. Leila has informed me that she wants them to wear matching clothes. lol. I sure hope Da Xin does, too!

Here's the letter, translated as we received it:

Dear Papa, Mama and other family,

How are you? It was very nice to receive your letter, and it makes me miss you more. How’s your health? I miss you…

My Chinese Papa is a gym teacher in my school. My Mama is a laid off factory worker. My older brother is 22 yrs old, and he is majoring in architect. He just graduated and hasn’t found a job yet.

I am 11 yrs old, and I am a fourth grade student. I learn eight subjects in the school, Chinese, Math, music, art, physical education, moral character, computer and science. My hobbies are riding bicycle, roller skating, drawing, singing, dancing and playing badminton. I also enclosed couple of pictures, hope you like it. Seen the picture feels like seen me.

Okay, I will stop here today. Wish you good healthy and be happy.


Da Xin


Tanya said...

First, it was wonderful to meet you at the PFP workshop! I am so very happy for you and your family. I pray that you will soon be united with Da Xin! I can only imagine how anxious you all are to finally be together as a family. I look forward to following your journey and wish you all the very best! Tanya

Jboo said...

Oh wow -- how sweet is that! Am sure you are so anxious to travel to her! How cute that Leila wants to wear matching clothes! Keeping you all in my prayers for a speedy TA and travel to your third daughter!


Steffie B. said...

OMW Michelle......that is the most precious thing EVER!!!! I am so excited for you and can hardly wait to follow your journey! ;)


Ohilda said...

Oh Michelle! That letter is so hard to read without tears flowing. I could just imagine you holding it and reading it to the girls. Can't wait to see all of your beauties together.


Jen said...

I am sure that letter just melted your heart! Very sweet! I'm praying you receive your TA THIA WEEK!!!!!

Terry said...

A new letter, that is a great way to top off a holiday weekend!! That is so special of her. I hope you get your TA soon and your new pictures too! Enjoy shopping for their matching outfits-I think that is so cute. I am so excited for your family!

Faye said...

Oh Michelle-- that just brings tears to my eyes. I know that you just want to jump on that plane right now. Soon Mamma--- soon you will be hugging each other.
She sounds like a sweetie and will fit right in with your other two.
See you soon.

Jill said...

Well, she has already "stolen" my heart...LOL...what a sweetie!
So excited for you! Now COME ON TA!!!
Hugs, Jill

LaLa said...

Awwwww....how great is that!!! So happy for you receiving new info and then the pics too. Come on TA!!!

Tisha said...


I'm so happy that you received a letter! I just love when she writes, "I miss you. . . " Since you can really only miss someone you know, that means she already knows, loves and has you all in her heart! So precious!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures she is referring to. Thanks for updating us all. I'll be praying for your T.A.

P.S Thanks for your sweet words (as usual) about Sloan. :)

Donna said...

What an amazing little girl. So brave too...


Amie said...

Sooooo glad I made it over here today!!!! What a blessing! So sweet that she is asking about your health. very mature!!!! And I am sure she is rounding up... I round down. ;)

Happy Happy Letter Day!!! Praying this week brings more good news!

Lots of Love!

Stacy said...

Such a sweet letter! I hope that TA comes fast and you're in China soon!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh... no words... so sweet. (I'm linking to this at the NHBO blog.)

fleur de lis cottage said...

Oh I bet that sweet letter makes your heart melt. I think the girls will be adorable in matching outfits!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh what a sweet letter!!! You must be so anxious to get your hands on those pictures....and of course, your TA!

Hoping that you will be bringing your girl home very soon!!

I love that Leila wants to wear matching clothes.....too cute:)



Linette said...

Hmm, I just found your blog pretty randomly (from a link on A Bouquet of Blessings), but I think I'm going to visit again! We have a darling daughter from China who is about to turn two, and we are seriously thinking of adding an older child if finances work out. As for the age thing, you may know this already, but in many parts of China age is counted differently than the U.S. You are one when you are born, and you turn two at the next Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). So your daughter's "Chinese age," which is likely what she referred to in her letter, would be one plus years older than her American age.

Stacy said...

Oh Michelle, what a wonderful gift this beautiful letter must be to you and Nolan. I loved the part where she says "it makes me miss you even more". She is longing for you just as you long for her. I can't wait to meet this special girl, your oldest daughter! Take care my friend!

Missy said...

Da Xin is sooo sweet! I love, LOVE her letter to you. It's such a blessing that she is so excited to be united with you all. I just know TA has to be around the corner. I cannot wait to follow your incredible journey :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet note! My mom is doing SO MUCH BETTER!! Thank you for all your prayers:) She went home from the hospital last Thursday and with and army of friends supporting them all the way, my dad has been able to go to work and restart his normal (ie. golfing, and a bit of work) summer activities!

Evan and I are so excited, but because of my schedule as a teacher we have set the date for next July 9th! It is definitely something to plan your own wedding rather than someone elses...

Continually praying for Da Xin's quick arrival!!!!


Crystal Oh said...

She seems like such a sweet girl! Can't wait to "meet" her!

Rydley said...

I love that she misses you - how completely sweet is she? And don't you wonder what the "moral character" is that they're teaching? Fascinating. So glad you received another letter.

Rebecca Lily said...

This is so beautiful Michelle! Brought tears to my eyes. :) It must have been so amazing to hold it in your hands and know that half a world away, your daughter had penned it just for you! SO COOL! I'm so happy for you. She sounds like the sweetest. :)


Sherri said...

Oh my, that is just so very sweet! Here's wishing you a very speedy TA to get your daughter. I can't wait to follow your journey.