Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whatcha Do..Do..Do..Do.. Doing?

Just one month ago, Mia didn't want to have anything to do with tv. She'd watch five minutes of B*arney in the morning and then she was done. I don't know what happened between then and now, because all of a sudden, she is D*ora's #1 fan. I have DVR'd every Ni H*ao Kai-lan that was ever made, but nope. She's not interested. To her, there is only one cute little girl with a brown bob. So... since I have worn out my attempts at stickers, coloring books, E*tch-a-sketches and other activities to try to keep her content during Leila's soccer practices and games, I thought I had hit the jackpot. I'd bring the portable DVD player and let her watch you-know-who so I can actually watch Leila play a little soccer, right? Well, kinda. My girl tried a million and one positions to get comfortable last night - knocking the brand new DVD player all around in the process. I exaggerate. (Only by one.) On her bottom, on her knees, headphones off, headphone on, chair flipped forwards, chair flipped backwards. You get the picture? It was pretty cute to witness, though. And she loved her*ora.



I even made her own private "viewing room" because she complained the screen wasn't bright enough.


I couldn't resist those tootsies. (I think the other parents thought I was crazy.)
By the way, do you think our grass needs a little water? We don't want full-blown Fay, but we could use some rain.
My soccer girl.
Taking a break.
I never played soccer growing up, so I wasn't aware of this unknown rule that you must sit on your soccer ball when you are not playing. Apparently it's the thing to do.
I must brag on Leila and her team. They are 7 - 8-years old and scrimmaged a team of 9- 10- year olds last night and beat them 6-1. Leila is on a more advanced team this year. (Have I mentioned the three 1 1/2 hour practices/week!?!) The coach asked her join it, even though she has the least amount of experience of anyone on the team, but I'm proud of her that she's learning quickly and holding her own. I'm looking forward to seeing how much she improves by the end of the season.


a Tonggu Momma said...

So, Michelle... photos two, three and five pass my test. :)

And I wanted you to know that I left a comment on my own blog about your comment because you had me ROLLING on the floor, I laughed so hard. Yes, our photography sessions sound just like that. I admit it. I'm blushing, but I admit it.

And if you share your e-mail address with others, I'd love to have you send along a message to Do you remember the old adage "praise in public, scold in private?" Well, if I have have your e-mail address, the next time one of your comments causes me to almost pee in my pants due to laughter, I'll be able deal with you appropriately. :)

Thanks for the chuckle today.

Ronda said...

We love Dora over here! Ella loves to watch her-she wants a Dora birthday party in November. Mia looks like some imporant sport's reporter with those headphones cute. I don't know much about soccer either, but I do know that balancing on a soccer ball is a required skill in the sport. Good luck with Leila's season.
I just noticed today that you signed on a past post wondering if I was ok-I never saw those emails come through with your comments-so I appreciate you asking and wanted you to know that I would have responded. Ella's sleep issues, Madison moving out, school starting took some wind out of my sails, but I am good now. You are so so sweet-I appreciate your blogging friendship.

Felicia said...

Such a cute Dora fan...and way to go Leila (I didn't know the sit on the ball rule either)

Jboo said...

Your Dora fan is too cute! My girl LOVED her too for quite a while! And congrats to Leila -- she looks like an awesome soccer player!


Steffie B. said... the private viewing picture..... I was just cracking up! ;)

LaLa said...

So cute!!!!I love that she set up a viewing tent : ) Annslee never liked Do*ra but loves Die*go!!

What a beautiful soccer player you have!!

Joe and Jane said...

A very creative solution for Mia, and way to go Leila! Leila looks the part, sitting on the ball and all! Good for her!

Donna said...

What great photos! Both your girls are so cute!

Rebecca said...

Oh, my... those tootsies ARE cute!! :) Love the photos, Michelle. And way to go Leila & Leila's team!!!

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! FANTASTIC photos! (I feel like I am always saying that, but WOW! Fantstic!)

Cammie said...

What a precious family you have!

Amie said...

What a sweet little soccer player GO TEAM!

Love the feetsies!

Tell her she can come over here for a DORA-THON any day!


Doug and Terrye said...

OMGoodness!!! Gotta love the private viewing room. :)

Terrye in FL

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

LOL - I have a soccer boy and now a soccer girl!
Ladybug hugs,