Monday, May 05, 2008

Family Photo Time

Photo 012

Last night, we had our family photos taken at a local park. It was the perfect evening, among full blooms of tulips, wisteria and beautiful trees. I felt like we were walking through Monet's garden. We have an awesome photographer who gives us a CD containing all the photos and a release form so that we can get them printed wherever we want. He rocks! Enjoy the photos. There are many, because I couldn't decide which ones to post. The girls were just so darn cute!

Photo 011

Photo 1 E

Photo 2 E

Photo 5 E

Photo 4 E

Photo 3 E

Photo 11 E

Photo 12 E

Photo 10 E

Photo 15 E

Photo 7 E

Photo 007

Photo 009

Photo 010

Photo 13 E


Stefanie said...

Whoa. Fantastic pics!!! What a gorgeous day and what a beautiful family :)

mommy24treasures said...

BIG WOW! They are wonderful! And he got the cd to you so quickly! Amazing. I edit my pics hours!;)shows he really knows what he's doing! You are all beautiful....

Greg & Edna Silva said...

Oh my goodness!! What BEAUTIFUL pictures! They brought tears to my eyes.

God Bless you all!


missy said...

What a gorgeous family you are! The photos are STUNNING. Honestly, among some of the best I've seen in a LONG time. Your girls look like angels. Just breathtaking.

Joe and Jane said...

WOW! Not only are you all looking at the camera and smiling, they are utterly beautiful to boot!!

EllieNat said...

Found a link to your blog on another blog. What a fabulous family you have! And what gorgeous pictures!

Amie said...


These pictures are stunning!!!! Where did you get those adorable outfits? the girls are beautiful!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!



okay those were beyond beautiful ... what a lovely family you have ... those ballerina costumes look like they were from a dream ... it was a beautiful day and you captured some great forever moments ... enjoy you time away !!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Michelle, I saw Mia's photo on the homepage and knew who it was immediately. Your girls are growing like weeds and they are beautiful. You have to be so happy how these photos turned out. Absolutely breathtaking. I can wait to see you this summer at the pool with Izaak in tow. Missy and family.

Mom To Six said...

Absolutely stunning pictures!! The girls look beautiful.

Ronda said...

I came across your blog and I have to say you have some of the most gorgeous pictures posted I have ever seen. The picture of your two girls in their princess dresses is priceless. So cute.

Kimber said...

These are beautiful:)

Military Wife said...

I came across your blog, I hope you dont mind! You have a beautiful family! What a beautiful day and gorgeous girls!