Friday, April 03, 2009

Guests - Be Prepared to Be Surrounded by Pink!

Adding check marks to my list feels so good. I added two check marks to my still-long-list-of-many this week, but one of them is a big one.

First, a small but critical check: I had to send in some consulate paperwork to our agency this week and had to fill in Da Xin's new American name. Drumroll please......................... it is officially Kara Da Xin. It's so funny that we really wanted to call her Kara initially, but then decided to let her choose whether she wanted to keep her name the same or change to a new, American name. Since that time, we have been referring to her only as Da Xin and I have come to love that name so much. (Pronounced Da Sheen.) The challenge will be that most people will have a difficult time pronouncing it, but I truly love it and would be perfectly happy if that is what she chooses to keep. But legally, she will become Kara Da Xin. My husband has used his middle name all his life and it really hasn't caused any problems for him.

So, here is the big checkmark I got off my list this week:

The guest bedroom before...

040309 Guest Bedroom Before 640

Kara Da Xin's new bedroom...

040309 KaraDaXinRoom1 640

I really debated on the pink, considering she will be 11-years old by the time she comes home. But, I put a lot of thought into making sure the room was still young, yet something she could grow into.

NO making fun of my pics, please. The ones of me were taken late at night, plus I am in desperate need of a hair cut! I cheated on some of the detailed work and used acrylic paint markers. I just love them! The flowers by the door don't look like much, but that is truly what the flowers look like on the comforter.

040309 Kara Da Xin Room3 640

The butterflies have significance. In the referral paperwork, it said that when Da Xin was younger, she loved to sing and dance. She gave lots of performances representing the SWI.

"Every time in the dancing class, she does well. She can dance harmoniously and nicely, just like a flying butterfly."

Because of this line in the referral paperwork, I have known since day one that I wanted to have butterflies in her room.

040309 Kara Da Xin Room2 640

These are pictures I took at our local CNY party. I didn't want the bright colors to distract from the room, so I tinted them red. And the three pictures below are my first attempt at writing Chinese characters. I sure hope that Love, Family & Blessings is really what I wrote. LOL

040309 Kara Da Xin Room4 640

Since we kept the same furniture in the room, I wanted to update it a bit with some new hardware. It really did help give the darker wood a bit of a younger feel for a little girl's room.

040309 Kara Da Xin Room5 640

So, that's it for now. I still have more things to add... books, a new chair, more girly stuff, etc. My husband knows that I will change things many, many times before we travel, but it's a relief to know that if we had to leave tomorrow, the room would be ready. Now I have to tackle the walk-in closet. UGH! That one will be a REALLY big check mark! LOL


Amanda said...

It looks wonderful!

Marla said...

Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE the colors!!

Have a great weekend!

fleur de lis cottage said...

I love all the heart you put into this room (and the artistic touches). Beautiful!

Jen said...

WOW Michelle!!!!!!!!!! It looks AWESOME!!! It truly is beautiful. "Kara" will love it. Your artistic talents are amazing!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it...the room is perfect for an 11 year old girl!!

I might need to hire you or at least get your advice when it is our turn......Our guestroom is also going to be turned into the new nursery......and believe it or not, I think we have the same exact furniture!!

You should be so proud of yourself....have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Michelle - it is absolutely awesome!! I can imagine her walking in and flopping on the bed after a "gigglefest" with her little sisters. A perfect place for an 11-year-old to come home to and grow-up in!!!

How exciting. I know I am getting excited and I don't even get to see it everyday:)

Have a great weekend! Ashley

Green Family said...

Oh my...she is going to love it!!! You are absolutely artistic...and that mixed with a HUGE heart makes magic. Kara is a beautiful name. Congrats on a few more checks on the list!

Jboo said...

Wow -- it turned out so beautiful!! Good job -- you are so talented!

Have a great weekend!


Julia said...

Oh my goodness Michelle this room is stunning! I bet Kara Da Xin will LOVE it! Heck, I want to move in, or at the very least have you come paint some murals on our walls, you're so talented!

Stefanie said...

WOW!!! I LOVE it!! Da Xin will LOVE IT!! You really did a fantastic job... I think the pink with the more mature flowers and Chinese accents is PERFECT!!!
WAY to GO!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Well, if your little gal doesn't love pink now, she will when you get done with her! LOL. It's a gorgeous room that truly looks like it will grow with her for years to come.

As for the Chinese characters, I knew exactly which ones you were going for. They were definitely done well enough to be readable (jia is HARD)... the ai (love) and the zhu fu (blessings/ wishing someone well) are done perfectly. Truly!

Sharon said...

It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You are talented. Did I mention we just bought a new house and are moving soon? I sure could use someone like you for 3 of the bedrooms : ) Hint Hint!

Mandi said...

Love the room, and how you incorporated her Chinese heritage.


Lori Lynn said...

You are very talented!

When can I move in?

Lori W

LaLa said...

I love are sooo talented!!! Can't wait to see her in there chatting away with her sisters : )

Alyson and Ford said...

Looks wonderful, perfect!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Six Months!

Missy said...


First of all, I LOVE the name Kara and Da Xin is sooo precious, too. She will have the best of both worlds.

Secondly, I teared up as I looked at this post. Your obvious love for Kara Da Xin is so evident and your heart and soul is in this room.

You are a wonderful lady and I am blessed to have you as a friend. Kara Da Xin will love this room sooo much. I cannot wait to see her enjoy that beautiful room.

Faye said...

Michelle-- It is beautiful. She will love it. I love love love the tinted pictures and the whole butterfly story. I think she will feel right at home in this room. I can see her now-- all cozy and tucked in her bed reading a tween book. So much to look forward to. And I love the name. My best friend from high school was Kara with a C.
Thanks again for all your help this week.


mommy24treasures said...

oh Michelle I love it:):):):)

Cammie said...

Wow! What talent you have!

Kara will feel so safe and secure in that room!

Annette said...

It looks fantastic Michelle... Kara will absolutely love it! So excited for you all!

day by day said...

Oh, my gosh....I know I keep telling you this, but you are one of the most talented/creative people I know! The bedroom looks great...makes me want to come and live there! hee hee!

day by day said...

BTW....Chelsea just turned 19 and she is still all about pink!

Gail said... is stunning!!!! You are very talented. I love the flowers on the wall. It must feel so great to have one more thing off your list.

And her name is beautiful. :)

Take care,

Stacy said...

Wow! It's beautiful and I love your touches - Kara is so lucky! Congrats on the name, and the beautiful room. Now to get her here to enjoy it, right?

N said...

It's a beautiful room :) It's very youthful indeed!

Global Girl said...

Love the room and the name!

Terry said...

WOW, you are so creative! It looks great. Kara will love it! I think your hard work counts as a big check mark complete on your list!
A Beautiful room!!

Stacy said...

Wow Michelle! I am SO IMPRESSED for two reasons. First, I can't believe how much work you have completed in the two weeks since I saw the room. Secondly, it is just PERFECT. I love the pink and the room has such a cozy feel. It is very girly without feeling too young. Can I move in?!!

Donna said...

It's beautiful! I love the warm mix of dark wood tones with that yummy pink paint color! And the details are so fun! She's going to love her room!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Shawnstribe said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!

Janelle said...

I love it! It is so bright and cheerful!

Leslie said...

Simply Beautiful and full of Love from all Momma's special touches.
I just knew her room would be more than I could imagine. She is going to love her room so very much Michelle.

What a wonderful job you did for Da Xin!!!!

Across the Ocean Blue said...

LOVE Love love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, What a fabulous room!! She may faint... I love the little touches like the photos, butterflies and her picture on the nightstand... just lovely

SoyJoyChina said...

Soooo Gorgeous!! Have you posted to Rate My Space? Da Xin Will LOVE it!!
So looking forward to following your journey!!
All your daughters are beautiful. Cna't wait to hear how doing Beijing at the end of the trip is going to go. I am planning to do the same thing!! Will you be posting on this blog?
Don't forget the Tylenol!

The Hernandez Herd said...

Wow, you did a great job. We have a daughter from Guangxi age 3. and we are currently waiting for a daughter from Taiwan. We have been considering an older child from China on our next adoption. I have been following your journey. Victoria