Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mother/Daughter Weekend

Leila and I have enjoyed some precious alone time the last 2 1/2 days, as Nolan was out of town and Mia went to stay with my mother so I could spend some quality time with my big girl before she starts school this week. We spent most of the day yesterday at an indoor water park and had lots of fun riding down the slides together, among other things. We came home and crashed last night in our big bed and watched the Olympics until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. We ended our two-day alone time with back-to-back hair appointments. Oh, how we both needed new "dos." Nolan and Mia are back tonight and the family is a foursome once again, but I have to say that I enjoyed my time with Leila, although we both agreed the house was too quiet.

By the way, Nolan agreed to be the Awana Commander for the Awana program at our church (a volunteer position) and spent the last three days at Commander College. (So official!) If anyone is involved in a successful Awana program at their church, please send some tips our way. We have a good Awana program now, but they really want to take it to the next level with student and parent participation.

081608 Mother Daughter Day Out

Can anyone say, "Out of shape?"
My legs ached from going up these stairs over and over... and over again.
The ride down sure was fun, though. :-)

081508 Mother Daughter Day

Soccer is back in a big way at our house. Leila started practice a couple of weeks ago and has three 1 1/2 hour practices each week. She had her first scrimmage Thursday night. She went from a pink uniform to Michigan colors, as she calls them.




Go #20!


"Hey, these sidelines are too boring. I think I'll entertain you. I'll also yell, 'Smile, Leila!' every time Mommy wants to take a picture of Leila on the field." :-)


On our way home from meeting my mom and Mia tonight, we found a Hot Air Balloon Festival and followed the balloons in our car. We had one go through our neighborhood last week and the girls thought that was just too cool. But tonight, they saw 12 at a time and could not stop talking about it. This isn't a very good picture, but I tried to capture this from my car.



missy said...

Oh I am so glad that you and your sweet Leila had precious mommy/daughter time. I know you two enjoyed each other.

Leila looks so athletic in her soccer outfit (too cute)!!!

I also love Miss Mia's little dimple when she smiles.

Glad you have had a few very special days!!

mommy24treasures said...

wow what a fun weekend! And big yea for your hubby that is wonderful. Love the new do's!
Yes Laura did email me and I am SOOO happy for her, how exciting to get a referral of such a young baby!
Love the bottom pic of Mia. I love how Leila gives all activities her everything:)

Her Royal Highness said...

What fun! Such a great idea too... I'm desperately wanting to have a mommy/daughter weekend with each of the princesses... it's just a matter of getting it set up! What a great memory that will be for Leila!

Felicia said...

How precious to share some special mommy/daughter time. Cherished moments for sure.

Annette said...

Great time! Isabella starts back in two weeks (after Labor day) so I want to spend my free time with her too. Wow, Leila looks so grown up in her soccer uniform! I meant to ask you about your photos from the splash park... did you shoot in auto or what setting did you use? I took so many shots yesterday at the splash pad and they are all so dark! I'm so disappointed, I even tried to PS them, but no use. Any tips? Your photos always look so good!

Oh yes, I almost forgot, email me if you can (I lost your addy somehow)... I want to send you a picture I think you might find interesting.

BoufMom9 said...

OH wow! Looks like so much fun!
One on one time is such a great blessing! Good that you were able to grab some!

kris said...

How wonderful to spend some special time with your "big girl"! Wonderful photos too- Leila looks like she's having so much fun playing soccer... something I never did as a kid but kinda wished I had- we moved too much!

sara said...

I am l-o-v-i-n-g the soccer uniform :) How adorable! The indoor water park looks like a lot of fun; reminds me of a place we visited in Iowa. Your girls are both beautiful!!

ADELE said...

Oh how fun to have a special Mother/Daughter time. I am sure it meant the world to sweet Leila and of course you too. I love the picture of you and Leila. So much love in that picture!
I love her soccer pics. She is just the cutest thing! You have a precious family.
On another note, thank you so much for the suggestion. It's funny because all I could come up with was a play on M&M's too. I even thought of using something about "melting in my heart". Great minds think alike. Maybe since you mentioned it too, that's what I need to use. Thanks again.:)

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Mommy/Daughter time sounds like it was fabulous! The soccer pictures are great!


a Tonggu Momma said...

What a great idea to share some precious time together before Leila starts school. And I oh, so would have experienced the aching legs and rear if I had to walk up all of those stairs, too. Especially loved Mia's braided pigtails. Too cute!

Steffie B. said...

What a wonderful day and beautiful memories....your pages are jsut darling. The soccer pictures are fabulous!
Have a great week.

Becki party of 5 said...

You are creating such special memories with your daughter, she will never forget those two days she had mom all to herself!
I know how you are feeling with the soccer schedule....try doing it with two kids! (I'm sure you will be soon enough!)

Bella's momma said...

What a wonderful weekend! It will be something that will no doubt be treaured by both of you for the rest of your lives. It was always so special when I had either of my parents alone for an extended period of time. The memories made were precious!

The photo of the hot air ballons is incredible! What a scene that must have been.

Have a wonderful week my friend,


Marla said...

Glad you had some great one on one time. The water park looks awesome and no need for sunscreen. Love the soccer outfit, she looks like such a big girl.

Joe and Jane said...

We a great photo of you and Leila! Sounds like a perfect weekend for everyone!

Rebecca said...

What a good Mama you are, Michelle! I am sure it meant so much to Leila that you took some time just to spend with her. And just think of the workout you got with all those stairs!! :)

Leila is so cute in her soccer uniform... the yellow & blue look good on her. :) And Mia is too cute!!!


LaLa said...

What great pics. Glad you had some special time together!

LaLa said...

Hey, if you'll send me your email addy I will send you the pics I have of our little man :)

Amie said...

That pic of the two of you is adorable! And that is so cool that you got some time alone!

Those little soccer pics are so cute! seriously stylin'!

We will have to catch up soon when things slow down with the back to school action!


Chris and Deb said...

What adorable pictures of your Mommy/daughter time Michelle! I am sure it was a wonderful weekend for the 2 of you!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hi Michelle~

How special for you and Leila to have the time together to bond and enjoy one another in such a lovely way. I admire mothers who carve out individual time for their children. I am sure it meant the world to Leila.

She looks fantastic in her soccer gear!

Best wishes to your husband as he takes AWANA to the next level! I am sure he'll be blessed, as will the children he comes in contact with.

Many blessings~

Leslie said...

What a nice and fun time you got to spend with Leila. Such great memories being made with them, when you have one on one time.

Ella is starting soccer also this year, and can't wait to see her in her uniform when they give them out hopefully next week.

Leila looks like such the Soccer Pro too. Very cute.

Thank you also for all your support for me. Your the greatest.