Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pardon the Tears

OK, friends. I know this is just first grade, but I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when my girls go off to middle school, high school, college, etc. etc. Does it get easier or harder? I'm not devastated or anything, but I am sad. Sad that my little girl is growing up so quickly. Sad that I won't get to spend as much time with her during the school year. But at the same time, I'm happy for her. Leila truly loves school. She loves being around other kids her age, she loves learning new things, art class, music class, recess - pretty much everything about school. So, while I'm going to miss my baby, I know this is a great thing for her and I'm trying to keep my thoughts focused on the positive.

082008 Leila First Grade

082008 Leila First Grade Bus

Digital Kit: Shabby Miss Jenn's Back 2 School

I just did the math for Mia last night. She misses the cutoff date for kindergarten by just two weeks, so she will be home with me for three more years. She will start kindergarten in the 2011-2012 school year, when Leila will be in fourth grade. (Of course, they may change the rules by then.) Looking at the year 2011 seems so far away, but it will go by so quickly, too.

Leila has gone to a day care 2-3 days a week for more than four years. We have always called it "school" and she has never known it as day care. Her best bud, Allie, goes there and since they go to different elementary schools, they only see each other at day care "school" or during play dates. She has several other good friends that she has been with a few days every week for the past four years. Since Leila is going to school full-time this year, she no longer needs day care. This means goodbye friends, goodbye teachers, goodbye to her other school. I thought it was going to be a really sad day for her, but she really didn't seem bothered all that much. When I mentioned that she wouldn't be seeing Allie once school started, she simply replied, "Sure we can. We can just schedule a play date." The only thing she wanted to do on her last day was take cupcakes. And yes, they are store bought. It's four dozen, people!

Before her other "school" on Monday morning20080818_1

We saved a couple for after school. 20080818_13



"I'm just cleaning up, mommy. And the icing in my hair is washable, not like that gum I got in my hair on Saturday that you had to cut out!" (Yes, true story. Gum is off limits in our house for now.) :-)


Jodee Leader said...

I can totally relate! They grow up soooo fast! I have the Kindergarten blues today!

Bella's momma said...

Oh my sweet friend ~ if we lived closer I would have been at your house today and we would have shed some tears together. Oh course once the bus pulled away it would have been all about the cupcakes!!!

Leila, looked so beautiful for her first day of school!!!

Keep your chin up ~


PS You should see the OTHER side of my laundry room. Thank you for the laugh!!!

Bella's momma said...

Okay now my secret is out! I have no idea what I am actually doing here in blog land, past the create a new blog and add a photo~ I am lost. So no I did not get your email. I actually have NO IDEA how to get it. HELP

Are you really headed to FL??? We have to meet!!!!

Oatsvall Team said...

i have a little break down every year ... K was definitely the worst ... I couldn't even leave the parking lot till i got my emotions under control ... this year has been even harder since my sweetie Jeremiah had to switch schools and he is going into the 4th grade .. he was a trooper and is doing fabulous ... he teaches me so much ... Emily has a june bday ... we will wait and start her in k probably when she is 6 ... another year home w/ me !!!!

Michelle said...

Hey Michelle!

It does get easier...except the first day of college was pretty tough! It gets a little easier, but I still get a bit sad this time of year as I love my kids home with me!

Leila looks so pretty and very happy in her back to school pictures!!

Jill said...

Ahh... I don't have kids yet but I'm sure it's hard to see them grow up. Your girls are such dolls. I love Leila's brown shirt and crop jeans. Sooo cute!

P.S. You take great pictures!

Patty said...

I can still remember the first day of kindergarten for our oldest..seems just yesterday...hard to believe it was 16 years ago.

Leila looks like she is ready to start her day..what a cutie!

LaLa said...

Oh what a beautiful little first grader she is!!! Enjoy your time with your youngest...Annslee has two more years before Kindergarten and I am thrilled she misses the cutoff by 3 weeks : )

Rebecca said...

Michelle, the picture of Leila getting on the bus is beautiful! She looked so cute on her first day. :) Love the cupcake pics! And I had to laugh about the gum... my little Claire has some new bangs thanks to gum!!


Joe and Jane said...

Oh, good for Leila for loving school so much! I can still imagine how hard it is for you though!

I just told Jia that gum was off limits until she's four!

a Tonggu Momma said...

The Tongginator starts full day kindergarten next year. I talk big now, but I'm probably gonna be a blubbering mess.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Michelle - I just read your comment on my last post. I don't have your e-mail, so I needed to stop back in and just say, "Amen!!!" (Oh, and I grew up conservative Methodist, too.)

Marla said...

Oh how I wish I could say it gets easier but.......
The girls are adorable as always. Love your camera, what kind? I've been asking around.
I love love love your blog. We have to get together for some scrap booking stuff.

Heather said...

Ohhhh, you blink and whammo, they are grown up... I so get it! Leila looked just gorgeous her first day of school and for her other "school". Such beautiful little ladies you have there:)

Em is a first grader also and I feel that same sadness mixed with pure joy for the excitement ahead.

My nephew just left for college today...I feel like I have lost an arm (or perhaps my heart??). He'll be fine, I'll be fine, it doesn't change the bittersweet of it all.

Thinking of you,

Mom To Six said...

Oh Michelle, my "baby" girl just started high school this year, and no it doesn't get easier. It saddened me to drop her off and to think that in 4 years, she'd be off to college and my 3 babies at home would be following her footsteps before I know it.

Enjoy every second with your sweet angels...time truly does fly by.