Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Splash Park

I took the girls to a splash park/playground and they loved it, although they were a bit hesitant to get in the cold water at first. As you will see, that didn't last for long. I took plenty of pictures of the girls (shocker!), but I should have had Leila take a picture of me. Leila and Mia kept running to me to give me big, wet hugs and I ended up just as wet as they were! I also soaked my camera, too, while trying to walk around the outer edge of the splash pad. Big oops! Thankfully, I got it dried off very quickly with no harm done.

With me only working two days/week this summer, it seems like we have done a lot, but I still can't believe summer is almost over. Leila starts first grade next Wednesday and I'm planning on taking her to a big water park later this week. I'm really looking forward to a Mother/Daughter Day Out with my big girl. I can't believe she is starting school full time. It doesn't seem real yet. I'm trying to look at the bright side, and all of the precious time that Mia and I will have to spend together. OK, I'm going to just post these pictures now before I go and get all emotional. ;-( sniff sniff














What a fun day! Mommy, can we come back here again soon?



missy said...


These are GREAT photos. Of course Leila and Mia are gorgeous, gorgeous as always. I love the architecture and the colors in these photos.

It really is an emotional time when they go back to school. Don't you sometimes wish time could just stand still?

Tell Leila good luck from Paige and I. She will make a remarkable first grader!!!

BoufMom9 said...

OK, I must know... what camera do you have??? You get the best close-ups I have ever seen! CRYSTAL CLEAR!!!! WOW!
Such gorgeous girls!!!

Marla said...

Great pictures, I love going to water parks. Their towels are too cute.
Adalyn starts preschool next month and I've already got the tissues out.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Michelle -- For a long time I told myself that my photos weren't all that because of my itty bitty camera. Now I have a DSL and I STILL don't take photos like this. You are a VERY talented photographer. So green over here... and feeling bad that I AM green. LOL.

mommy24treasures said...

what a fun park!
Great pics. I can't believe summer is nearing the end...

Joe and Jane said...

Just trying to catch up...wow do you take fabulous pictures! I wish I could hire you to take our family photos!! REALLY! Looks like you guys have been having so much fun this summer!

Oatsvall Team said...

so much fun !!! we have those lady bug towels ... your pictures are so good .. i can't figure out how to take action shots w/ mine ... we started school and i can't believe summer is over ... i am sad ...

Patty said...

Love those towels! What great fun!

Leslie said...

You guys seem to have the best time...all the time.

Ok, we care coming to visit next summer for sure. So many fun things to do in your neck of the woods.

Bella's momma said...

Girlfriend, we need to plan a play date and go there!!! Of course we will also need to plan a whole trip around this play date idea.

I will be thinking about you as Leila makes her way to full time school!

Love all of your photos~ the girls are so cute and you are talented!!!

Have a wonderful week,


Felicia said...

Your pics are always so amazing and the girls look like they're having the best time.

ADELE said...

Oh how fun!!! I wish we had a place like that around here. We would go very often. LOL. All of the pics are just great and the expressions on their faces say it all. FUN FUN FUN!!!
Love the ladybug towels. So very cute.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful shots!! Your girls are gorgeous. :)


Heather said...

Emotional right there with you - first grader in the house in two weeks - where did those six years GO? We can lean on each other:)

Love the pictures, they look like they are having the time of their life - oh to be young again!!

Have a great end of the week.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hi Michelle~

What fantastic images of such a fun day for your girls. I bet you had almost as much fun watching them. I have seen other posts about places like this but unfortunately our city does not have one of these cool parks.

Best wishes to Leila as she ventures to first grade. It'll be wonderful!

As always, lovely...


Michelle said...

Hi Michelle!

What fun pictures! The girls look like they had a blast!

Oh, how I know...they grow so quickly. My oldest started college this year...so I am truly savoring every moment with my little ones!

Leila must be sooo excited to be a first grader soon!

Enjoy your week-end, Michelle!!!

Ronda said...

Great photos-what a fun splash park! I forgot that the rest of the country is not back in school yet and still playing. I read your comment this morning about Mia sleep issues for a whole year-Yikes! I hope Ella gets back into her rountine soon-I am hoping in the next few weeks after pre-school is in full swing, she will be so tired at night, she will sleep. Wishful thinking.

Sarah said...

The spash park photos are simply amazing. If especially love the one of your youngest walking through those metal rings. So clear!