Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swimming, Tennis & a Little Dancing

I was able to reduce my work schedule this summer and I have only been working two days a week vs. my normal three. I'm loving having the extra day off, but the downside is that I probably won't get the hang of my new schedule until the summer is actually over! We have been going to the pool every day I'm not working. Leila has always loved the water and had an awesome swim teacher who taught her to swim when she was turning four, but I think Mia just may love the water even more than her big sis! She has NO fears and believes she can actually swim. I must go into bragging mama mode and say that Mia can swim a few feet on her own - with her head under water the entire time -but then she forgets to keep kicking and she quickly starts sinking. Mia, however, thinks she can swim like her big sister and doesn't think she needs me holding on to her. Wrong! So, she ends up wearing a swim vest most of the time and goes about her merry way all around the pool - shallow end, deep end, it doesn't matter - with me as her shadow. As she says so proudly, "I swimmin by myself."

My Happy Little Water Baby20080719_52e

Mia swimming to daddy.

I rode this slide for the first time yesterday and man, is it fast! (Which is why Leila loves it!)




Leila started tennis lessons last week. (It's right beside the pool.) She and Nolan practiced a little last night after swimming. Could this pair be the next Venus and Serena? ha ha




"Hey! Me try it, too!"


Here's a short little video of the girls dancing last night while waiting on dinner at the pool. I mean, how can you NOT dance to Grease? (I love that Mia was trying to dance like Leila, but she couldn't quite figure out which one of her arms she was supposed to be swinging.) :-)


LaLa said...

These are great action shots!!! Love them!!! The tennis ones look great and what fun they are both having.

the slide one was my fav...I want to ride it too!

kris said...

That slide looks like a BLAST! LOVE the photos- what camera do you use? They are really sharp and crisp, love that...

The video is adorable-!

kris said...

That is one thing I'm lacking- the external flash, need one badly, but totally broke. I'm dreaming of that new Canon (name escapes me) 12.3 megapixels, 1700K... maybe in another life! You do take great photos...and thanks for the compliment about mine.
I would have emailed you but didn't see an email link :)

Bella's momma said...

That slide looks awesome. And you got the shot of the day, right before Leila went under!! Too cool.

Good for you to be able to cut back on your work schedule, that is such a blessing.

have a wonderful week my friend,


Michelle said...

Hi Michelle!

You take such wonderful all of the action pix!

The dance video is adorable....especially when she is trying to figure out which arm she should use...precious!

Her Royal Highness said...

Great shots! I'd also love to know what camera you are using... also - is there an additional zoom lens on it that you are using?

JinXiu said...

I love the pictures. What great action shots. The girls are growing so fast. I love the pool pictures. What a great pool to play in. and what amazing tennis stars. Looks like a fun packed summer

Beverly said...

too cute.


what fun you are having this summer ... i love me some girls who love to swim, dance, and play tennis ... that is some fun action ...

so glad you loved the book ... i also cried a river ... it just made me realize how rewarding it is to step out of our box and to love God's people ... ALL OF THEM ...

Marla said...

Hi Michelle, I've been on your blog through my good friend Leslie. I didn't realize that you ordered a Livi Lu top also, I cant wait to see it on your cute little one. Your girls are beautiful.

Mom To Six said...

What great pictures!!! Both the girls are adorable doing the Grease dance.

mommy24treasures said...

what a great post! Wow that slide looks fast!
A very cute tennis player and an adorable little swimmer!

Heather said...

Michelle -

Your family is absolutely beautiful. Your girls are stunning in every single way.

I loved scrolling through and reading posts. I noticed the same thing - your pictures are so crisp - I think I have photo envy:) I have been trying to talk my sweet husband into a new camera - I just got a new camera two Christmases ago. Hmmm, think it will work?

And, I love the scrapbooking elements you use and that you incorporate them on your blog - just gorgeous.

May I add you to our blogroll?

Have a wonderful week.


Ronda said...

I think you need to become a pro photographer. What camera do you own. Your photos are gorgeous all the time! Your summer is looking like a lot of fun-your Mia dances like my Ella-what a crack-up.