Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting Caught Up

Mia received her Livi Lu top in the mail yesterday. I was anxious for her to try it on because I measured her chest size with a household tape measure (sad, I know!), but it was late when we got home from soccer and it had to wait until this morning. It fits great and I love it! Lynn at Somewhere in the Sun is so talented!! Do you want to see some other beautiful models in their Livi Lu creations? See Lily (and Oakley), Ella, and Adalyn. Sorry if I left anyone out. I'm going by (a very poor) memory here for those that I have seen wearing this cute little top. I know we had to have ordered them all on the same day, because I ordered Mia's as soon as I saw Lynn's sweet Olivia modeling it. (OK, have I set a record for the most links in any one post?) :-)

Livi Lu 2

I went ahead and prepared this scrap page last night because I knew the colors in the shirt and that the photo would be vertical. I wish I could pre-make pages more often. It was pretty convenient to just plug in the photo today.

Livi Lu 3

Livi Lu 1

Digital paper: Paint the Moon's Sakura Spring at Oscraps; Flowers: Paint the Moon's Funky Flowers at Oscraps; Frame and Ribbon: Dad's Rule by Shabby Miss Jenn; Beads: Misty Cate's I So Pretty at Oscraps.

As I've mentioned before, I don't like to get behind in my scrapbooking. I try to stay current because I scrap pretty much everything. We joke that we're going to have to build a photo album wing onto our house. Well... I'm behind. (I just need to stop taking pictures!) I tried to get a little caught up last night. Here are some pages from a trip that we took to the zoo about a month ago.
I love that Mia's feet aren't even touching the stage in this one.

World is your Stage

No, not a typo. :-)

Petting zoo

I love the look on Leila's face in this photo. She loves to go inside the Habitat Hollow, but she gets scared at the animal noises, in this case an owl. (It is pretty dark in the place.) I love that I caught her right when she heard the owl.

You Are a Hoot

Our zoo just added on a new section full of children's rides. It's great! The girls had so much fun trying out all the new rides. And we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I definitely see this becoming our Fall Hangout.

New Rides

Digital credits: I don't remember everything I used. (Oops! Is this a big faux pas? ) I recolored the paper to match the girls outfits, so I don't recall where it came from. The flowers are from Funky Flowers again. The stitching by Dad's Rule . "Hoot" letters by Shabby Princess Winter Chic.


Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh Michelle, Mia just looks so precious! I love seeing her wear it as a dress. Olivia just doesn't know what to think about all of these girls wearing her top! She always says "Ibia?" when I show her. Your pages are fantastic! The colors are perfect.

I enjoyed you zoo pages too. You got really good shots. Don't stop taking pictures! :D


Leslie said...

Now that's some cute pages you've done. Perfect.

Mia looks like a little doll baby in her top. I think there is a lot of little girls running around these neck of the woods in a Livi Lu Origianl...LOL.

Yes, keep taking pictures, because you showcase them so very well.

Thanks for the link...you big linker girl...LOL.

Felicia said...

Hi, friend of Leslie and Marla's. What a cute little model you have in her livi lu top/dress. Love your blog and scrapbook pages.

Ronda said...

I just ordered one-they are SO adorable and Mia looks so darling in hers. Can't wait to post pictures with my Ella wearing hers

Marla said...

Cute top, dont we have good taste. Your pictures are great, I love the look of your blog. One day I'll be right there with the rest of you great bloggers.

Amie said...

Those tops are ADORABLE!

Cute pics of the girls!


Michelle said...

Hi Michelle!

The pages you create and the pictures you take are wonderful!! What great pages to show Lynn's pretty top. You have a beautiful little model, too!!

Ella enjoyed seeing all of the girls wearing this top....I just showed her the pictures from your links. She thought it was really neat!

What fun zoo pictures!!!!

JinXiu said...

The girls look sp precious. I love the livi dress and the polka dot matching dresses are the cutest.

Love the zoo pictures. great shots

Annette said...

Beautiful photos of your girls as usual. You make me really want to work on my scrapbooking... I have been such a slacker and have so much to catch up on.

missy said...

Mia is such a beautiful little model. The shirt/dress is darling. I used to dress like that...sigh!

What a zoo! The picture of M and L looking out of the hole is priceless. I love the look on L's face. She is a doll baby.

Hugs from the beach. Everyone is sleeping and I am catching up on emails and blog posts.

Hey, I bought an external flash and I LOVE it. Thanks for the advice : )

Patty said...

Michelle, I just love visiting to see what you've done with your pictures each week...you're the best at scrapbooking! Mia is looking just as cute as the others in her Livi Lu.

Michelle said...

Cute outfit, and your scrapping and blog is so great too! Is digital scrapbooking easy? I hope to learn soon!

Ashley Winters said...

What precious photos. I love the new outfits too!

Becki party of 5 said...

Love the Livi Lu shirt, I saw it on another blog this morning, too!
Do you mind if I add your blog to my blogroll? I love that our girls are the same age, it's always fun seeing what other girls Addie's age are up to!

Bella's momma said...

Oh my heck girlfriend,

Mia is the first one I have seen modeling the Livi Lu ~ and it is precious (so is she of course. As soon as I get done wiht the comment I am going shopping ~ thank you!!!

Your scrapbooking is so good, I just love having talented friends!!! ; )

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


What a great post. You do such a nice job of scrapping and I admire your talent. Lynn has really jumped in there and done such a nice job with her creations. It'll be fun to see what else she'll be coming up with. Mia does them justice for sure.

Love your blog!


Chris and Deb said...

What beautiful scrap book pages Michelle! You are so talented! And I adore the dress that Mia is wearing too. I have just run across it a few times recently on other blogs! It is the cutest thing!!

mommy24treasures said...

I am so glad Lynn's little shop is a success! The top is beautiful!
Love your scrappages and pics. Mia looks wonderful in those colors.
I have got to get more organized on my scrap stuff.

redmaryjanes said...

First of all, Mia looks gorgeous in Lynn's dress!
Secondly, I'm a year behind in my scrapbooking and I need to get it together and get caught up : )

Jeff and Amy said...

Your daughters are adorable, love the outfits!!! Your are very talented, your photo frame are just gorgeous :)

Hopingforsix said...

Love, love these layouts. So stinkin' cute and beautiful at the same time:) That cracks me up--adding on a room for the scrapbooks;)

Joe and Jane said...

I can't believe how you get the girls to look and smile and POSE for you! It's awesome and the result is so adorable!