Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Perfect Date Night

Last night, Nolan and I finally went on the date night that I've been wanting to do since we joined a new club in the fall. I just love driving around beautiful neighborhoods and looking at homes. Nolan, on the other hand, would rather get a root canal than go with me. So, we combined our two loves and he golfed while I rode along with him and enjoyed the view of the course and the beautiful homes on it. How is that for the perfect date? Well... the weather decided not to cooperate with us. We didn't have rain until about hole #9, and it came and went thereafter, but when it came, it was a downpour. They even sounded the lightning sirens a few times to halt play on the course, but then the sun would come back out again. We still enjoyed our evening and he got all 18 holes in. (And I fully enjoyed my view from the passenger seat.) :-)

I love this photo because it captures how the geese had taken over hole #13. It was only a par 3, so Nolan was afraid he'd whack one with his drive, but thankfully, no geese were harmed.

20080712_43 e

A brief video clip of our rainy date night.

One of my favorite views.20080712_26 e3

And what's a post without a picture of the girls?
Here is Leila during her weekly summer soccer lesson.20080712_7
And Mia models her blue hibiscus while waiting on Leila at her lesson.20080712_1
And yes, I have been putting that face painting kit to use all summer.
Thankfully, though, I have not done any more in the T*arget parking lot. ;-)

On another topic... I took Leila to see "Kit Kittredge" this afternoon. We both really liked the movie, although I think all of the valuable lessons went way over her head. I hope Kit walking around a big city by herself and hopping in a car with thieves went way over her head, too!



OH HOW I LOVE DATE NIGHTS ... That view from the one picture is just beautiful ... Time away w/ our sweethearts is so important and definitely makes us better parents ... so glad you had a blessed time !

love the face painting kit ... my hubby does tattoos w/ sharpie markers here and it is a huge hit w/ our kids and all their friends ... it is the little things that make a summer fun!

ADELE said...

So glad you had a fun date night. Wow, that house and lawn is absolutely gorgeous.
Love the pics of the girls with their tattoos.
Have a great week!

LaLa said...

What gorgeous homes! Glad you had a good time :) Love the facepainting

Bella's momma said...

Michelle, That homes yard is stunning. I would have been willing to ride in the golf cart also so see that!!!

I am glad your date went so well even with the rain!

Hope you have an amazing week,


missy said...

Looks like date night was a success! I love the pics of Leila ans Mia!

mommy24treasures said...

oh my that house is LOVELY!!!!! Can you imagine??? I would NEVER leave.:)

Movies with lessons- alot of time I feel mine pic up the bad part before the lesson, especially when they were younger...

Ronda said...

Girl-you live in a beautiful area-love the lake by your house and what an awesome date night.