Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Mother's Promise

Did anyone happen to see that crazy lady in the back of an SUV painting her kids' faces in the Ta*rget parking lot this afternoon? Yeah, well, that was me. We went to the zoo this morning and Leila really wanted to get her face painted, but I knew we had an event tonight and it would probably be a smeary mess by then. So I promised that I would paint their faces this afternoon. I had hired a face painter once for one of Leila's birthday parties who told me that it was perfectly safe to use acrylic craft paint. So, while Mia was napping, I gathered my paints and brushes and was ready to go. Suddenly, however, I got concerned that maybe I had been misinformed, so I searched the Internet to find out if craft paints are, indeed, safe for face painting. Turns out, everything I read highly discouraged it. So, now I am scrambling to keep my promise and am searching the Internet to find anyplace that sells face paint. (With little time to spare, I might add.) So yes, Leila and Mia got their faces painted. And yes, it was on the tailgate of my SUV in a very crowded parking lot. And yes, I am one crazy lady. A promise is a promise, after all.



p.s. What could have been a $5 face painting turned into a $26 purchase, so you can bet you'll be seeing more face painting out of me in the days to come to get my money's worth out of that kit. Leila has already volunteered. ;-)

Here are some pics from tonight's Marshall University event. Mia was terrified of Marco the Bull. TERRIFIED. In the photo with Nolan holding her, she has a sad face because of Marco. "No want to see bear. I 'cared (scared)."


Big Green Coaches tour 0608


Denise Sierra said...

Hello Michelle--

It's Denise Sierra again! Oh my gosh, what an amazing story you and Nolan have going for you guys. Periodically I come in here to see what's been up with the Raines Family and each and every time I'm amazed at how beautiful these young ladies are and your brothers kids....just as beautiful!!! Glad to read you guys are doing well and these girls just have no idea because they are so young...how lucky they are to have parents like Nolan and yourself. Please give those girls a BIG kiss from me and a great hug since I can't be there to do it myself. Tell them I said they are way to precious. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on events and the girls.

Enjoy your Summer and take care....


kris said...

You did such a great job, they both look adorable!

Amie said...

ummm coolest mom ever! And that was me waiting in line with my ticket to get my face painted. But you just stared, and then gathered the kids up quickly, and shoved them in the car, and then drove away as fast as you could, almost running me over. Maybe next time?


mommy24treasures said...

isn't it funny how this stuff can turn out to be way more work and effort than we bargained for when we promised it?;)
Looks like you did a fabulous job. My girls LOVE to have theirs done too.
Love all the pics.The blog just looks so beuatiful! I love what the designer did with your fav family pics on your sidebar!

Ronda said...

Oh-the things we do for our kids...they looked great. At first glance, I thought the "M" stood for Michigan State-where we used to live-but realized it was for Marshall =).

Leslie said...

What a great job you did Michelle. So what other talents do you have? I could maybe do a heart...maybe. My poor girls.

Bella's mama said...

Today is the first chance I have had to connect with my online friends and wow your new look, looks great!!!

I think you may have found a new calling "Faces by Michelle" The girls look adorable!!!

Have a fabulous weekend,