Friday, July 11, 2008

A Date with Our Neighbor, the Lake

As much as I'm ashamed to admit it, we live right by a lake and we rarely take the time to enjoy it. We are literally about 100 yards from the water, separated only by trees and a road. We used to take walks or picnic by the lake quite a bit when it was just Leila, but we haven't much since Mia came home. I'm not really sure why we stopped. I think we're just always so busy. (Yes, Mom, I know you are nodding your head right now. ;-) Well... tonight I packed a picnic and we headed to a very secluded area of the lake. The girls threw rocks and dipped their toes in the water, and of course, loved every minute. We have talked about getting a boat for the past couple of years, and the girls have been begging to go boating since going to my brother's house, but there are very few boat slips on this lake and they are only available by a lottery. The trick is, you have to buy the boat before you can enter the lottery. Ummm, no thanks. And I know us. We wouldn't use it much if we had to keep it in storage. So for now... no boat. Just another reason we don't go to the lake much. We all enjoyed tonight, though, so we plan on heading over there a bit more in the future. Nolan and I have decided to try a different area of the lake each time. I'm looking forward to it!

Walking the trail to our secluded spot





Miss D*orito Face


Mia's signature "shovel it in" method of eating (seriously, the girl doesn't know what a small bite is)


Mia wanted a ponytail just like Leila, but had to settle for pigtails. I just love them.


da...da...da...da...da... Dora




Walking back with their walking sticks


Mia's red sucker tongue. (And for anyone keeping count, I did serve fruits and vegetables at our picnic.) ;-)



missy said...


These are beautiful pictures. You are making wonderful memories. That's what life is about.

Leila and Mia are such pretty little girls and always seem so happy.

Hey, how do you get your pictures on your blog to look so large? My pictures are always small on the blog and you have to click on them to make them larger.

Chris & Deb said...

What awesome pictures Michelle and what fun to go on a picnic by the lake! We love picnics at this house! Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Hey Michelle!

How nice to live so close to a beautiful lake! Isn't that always how it works...we don't take advantage of the things closest to us.

Love the pictures...especially of the dorito and lollipop face.

Have a great week-end with those sweet girls!!!

Bella's momma said...

Oh my friend, You must promise me that you will have the very first picture that you posted made into something~ christmas cards, canvas art or just printed and framed. It is stunning~ they all are!!!

It looks like you had an amazing time at the lake!!!

ADELE said...

I just love seeing pics of the girls together. They are just so precious and seem so close.
The lake is gorgeous. Wow, I would be going all of the time if I were you.
Glad yall had a great picnic and fun time at the lake. I love all of the pics!


what amazing pictures and I am sure a fun day you will never forget ... thanks for your sweet words again .. you make my heart smile ...

p.s. favorite picture is the Dorito one ... hee hee ... I am a Dorito girl also ..

Bella's momma said...

Leila is my kind of girl~ love my beets!!! keep your fingers crossed!!!

Becki party of 5 said...

Found your blog through another one. I have loved looking at your pictures. Your girls are beautiful, and I love your photography! I have a daughter from China, same age as yours!

mommy24treasures said...

oh wow! You know us, if we were that close we wold be there alot! HOW BEAUTIFUL! YOu captured wonderful images! I am glad you decided to go back soon.:)
We probably would not do the boat either though... Just not boat kind of people.

JinXiu said...

These pictures are beautiful. It looks like you are having a great summer.

love the last picture