Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Heart Faces: I Heart My Country

I thought I'd participate in this week's I Heart Faces non-competition theme, considering I still haven't posted any photos from our July 4th weekend on my blog.

As we celebrate America's birthday, we also celebrate Leila's July 4th birthday... this year our birthday girl turned 9.

This was Kara's first July 4th celebration in America. Last year, we spent Independence Day in Beijing. I think Kara thoroughly enjoyed her first July 4th - from watching "America's Biggest Small Town Parade" from the front lawn of her Nana's house in West Virginia and filling her parade candy bag with more than 300 pieces of candy to catching fireflies in the back yard and seeing her first real fireworks. To see all three of my girls holding American flags is something that always warms my heart.

And then there is Mia... my big four-year old who no longer needed constant supervision during this year's parade. She was able to stand alongside her sisters while we sat behind them and watched her fill her bag with candy.

Thanks to all of the brave men and women who allow us to
celebrate our freedoms on July 4 and every day throughout the year!!


Norah said...

Could these pictures be any more perfect?!

Tracey said...

I love these photos! The last one is stunning :)

Tracey @ Inspire Me Photography

Mary Cummings said...

What beautiful girls you have! I love these photos.

Mariah said...

I saw that Ford Truck and HAD to come over!!! Love it and your girls are so adorable!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Gorgeous Michelle!!

It looks like you had a FABOULOUS fourth of July!! I love the pictures of your beautiful girls in front of the old Ford really does not get more American than that!!

Hope you are enjoying your summer:)


Keegan and Joy Dodson said...

Beautiful story and beautiful girls - what a great capture with the red white and blue.

Ellie said...

How precious! I totally "get" how it warms your heart to see your girls with their American flags. I have to second what Lisa said - It doesn't get any more American than in front of the old Ford truck - (My Grandpa had one and my brother still has it!) Gorgeous photos - you never cease to wow me!

Hollie said...

GREAT shots! LOVE the vivd color and great lighting!

Missy said...

Beautiful pictures and sentiments on such a wonderful holiday! Your pics always leave a big ole' smile on my face. Your girls are growing into such beautiful young ladies. Hugs to you!

JinXiu said...

a pure American classic

Dan and Angie said...

Beautiful photos.

M3 said...

Oh man, those pictures are just beautiful!!!!! Happy 4th.

(love that truck, too)