Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow, Stars & Sundance

So, I took a few days off the computer. (Well, one can never really go cold turkey with an iPhone, right? But I did take a few days off of FB and blogging.) What did I do on my little computer break? I read, relaxed and tagged along with my husband as he traveled west to Park City, Utah on business. He attended business meetings and networked while I enjoyed Park City and the Sundance Film Festival. Once again, this was a perfect tag-along trip for my former movie buff and People magazine-reading self. I say former, as in B.K. (before kids). My pictures in Park City are few and not very good quality, as it snowed from the moment we arrived to the moment we left, and I only took a little point-and-shoot inside the movie premieres, but here's our trip in pictures...

Nolan and I enjoying a nice dinner at the home of the CEO who hosted the executive forum he attended.

Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones and Rosemarie DeWitt at the premiere of "The Company Men"
Director John Wells, Tommy Lee, Rosemary, Ben and Chris Cooper doing the Q & A at the end of the movie.
Yaniv "Nev" Schulman, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman of "Catfish" - I loved this documentary! All Facebook users must go see this! You will fall in love with these three, for sure.
Other premieres I got to see: "Restrepo" - this documentary provides a glimpse of what it's really like on the front lines of the war in Afghanastan. It was tough to watch, but that's the point. The men on the screen are not actors; they were really living and fighting in the trenches in one of the worst places in Afghanastan - some of them losing their lives.

"Bhutto" - A documentary about Benazir Bhutto, the former two-time, female prime minister of Pakistan who was assassinated two years ago. This is not my typical type of movie, but I learned much by watching it and its editing deserves many awards. Her three children attended the premiere, which I'm sure was an overwhelmingly emotional experience for them.

The view from our hotel room. Truly ski-in; ski-out at its finest. Paris Hilton was staying here and apparently she "tweeted" about how HOT the hotel was. The staff was beyond thrilled. :)
Skiing Deer Valley - our first time skiing on powder. I've skied since my freshman year in high school, but on Midwest hills. I felt like it was my first time skiing - ever! We were completely worn out after a few hours of skiing.
I agree. "Know I Don't!" We stayed away from the black diamonds.
I thought these souvenir t-shirts were perfect for the girls. They love anything crafty. What's better than create-your-own t-shirts?
Mia entertains us with her singing while coloring her shirt.
My serious artists...
I was so proud of Mia. She did this 100% herself. Pretty good for a little girl who couldn't stay inside the lines not so long ago.
All dressed for school the next day.
Now, after looking at these pictures, I'm off to schedule the girls haircuts. ;)

Have a great weekend!!


Missy said...

What a FUN vacay, Michelle! I would have loved to tag along on that one :) I just adore Ben Affleck...have had a crush on him and Matt Damon since Good Will Hunting! Loved your pics and glad the resort was "HOT" :)
The girls did a great job on their shirts. Little cutie pies, they are!

JG said...

How fun! Looks like the weather was beautiful. And I love the shirts - perfect souvenirs, indeed.

Denise said...

Wow, looks like fun!! Would you e mail me privately about the We Picture This site?

Joe and Jane said...

What a totally fabulous time! You sound so relaxed!

(And yes, I do the same thing with my girls and haircuts. It is always that photos that are so telling!)

Anonymous said...

What a great trip that looks like! I remember your post from last year and I though then what a neat experience - lucky you;)

Evan is heading out West to ski this spring - unfortunately I am going to opt out. I skied all my life, but after the back surgery, my doctor says "you can't fall" and well I am not sure I am THAT good!

The girls, as always, look absolutely adorable in their shirts - they really came out awesome - the colors are so vivid.

Hugs my friends for a good weekend, Ash

The Byrd's Nest said...

Those are such beautiful pictures of your vacation!

Such cute pictures and t-shirts! Great job!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a wonderful trip....such a beautiful place!! Everywhere you look, it seems like the view could be a postcard!

I really love the picture of you and your look STUNNING!

It seems like the souveniers were a huge hit with the girls! Hope you enjoy your weekend:) I am sure they are happy you are both back at home!



Sharon said...

WOW!! Fabulous! Would be the word! So cute about the haircuts.. can't wait to see them!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I loved hearing about your trip! I am a huge movie buff, so it's fun to peak into the world of film festivals. Thanks! And - about those haircuts - you were just timing it perfectly! You're SUPPOSED to get your hair cut one to two weeks before CNY. You PLANNED this! (Go with it.)

Donna said...

What an amazingly exciting vacation! Great photos and the crafty souvenir shirts turned out great!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Stephanie said...

Wow looks fun!!!

Where are you staying? We love to ski but always ski in New Mexico or Colorado. This ski resort looks great but would love to know the best place to stay! Ski in ski out is the way to go especially with kids!

Colleen said...

what a fun time!!!! Love the pictures and those t-shirts are so cute.....hey, Addison just gave herself a little trim...I'm sure she would love to give the girls a haircut...she is cheap! : P

Felicia said...

What a great getaway and I love the t-shirts you got them. They did a great job on them too!