Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ski School

On Monday, we took the girls skiing. Actually, we took them to ski school while we did a little bit of skiing ourselves. Kara rarely shows any ounce of fear or nerves, but Nolan and I both thought she seemed pretty quiet and nervous about going skiing. She was very excited about it, but possibly a tad bit reluctant at the same time. Who can blame her? Coming from a place with palm trees and relatively warm winters, this was about as foreign to her as we could get. As Nolan and I skiied, we would stop over frequently and check on the girls' progress. Mia just couldn't stop giggling long enough to focus on controlling herself as she went downhill. She actually regressed from last year, in my opinion, but she was still so much fun to watch. I wasn't quick enough to catch the fast action of Leila barreling down the slopes and taking out a little kid at the bottom. (Fortunately, the kid was ok.) She did much better later in the lesson. And by the end, Kara mastered the snowplow and was going down the hill with ease.

"Yes, we're ready to ski!!!"
This scared-of-heights mama was a nervous wreck last year when Leila rode the chair lift for the first time. For some reason, I didn't feel nervous this time around. Hooray!
See ya' later snow trails. Be back soon.

After today's post, I need to take a few days off of the computer. I hope to be back later next week. All is well, just super busy and need to take some time off.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I - for one - think this sounds like fun. Well, except for the cold, the snow, the falling and whatnot. (Can you tell I'm more of a summer person?)

Wanda said...

Looks like a real fun ski day.

Enjoy your little break.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well my friend:)

My mom is hanging in there and hasn't needed to be readmitted to the hospital:)

Hugs, Ashley

Courtney said...

Looks like the girls had lots of fun. I think it is great that you are starting them at a young age.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

It looks like you had a wonderful day on the slopes! I can't blame Kara.....I am still intimidated at the thought of getting on skiis!!

Hope all is well....enjoy your little break!

Gail said...

Wonderful images as always...looks like fun!

Enjoy your time away.

Sarah said...

I love to ski. Have to tell you though... that a mama's worst skinightmare happened to me in kindergarten. I didn't get my little hiney up all the way on the ski lift. I was getting on with my dad. He was holding on to my arm trying to pull me up on all of the way, but was having trouble, and had to drop me before he got up too high. I fell less than ten feet, but I broke my leg. Best part... I got to wear dresses to kindergarten while I had a cast on as pants wouldn't fit over the huge plaster cast! :)

Norah said...

Looks like fun. Cold, but fun.

Joe and Jane said...

Oh, I totally remember learning to ski without poles too! Fun pics of the girls. We have yet to try it with our kiddos. You've given me a great idea for a cold winter day!

Kelly Green said...

Oh does this bring back memories of skiing with my parents in Colorado! The 3 girls are too cute!! So glad they are doing well.
Happy New Year!

Colleen said...

Love these shots!!! Looks like the girls had a blast!!!! My boys all snowboard...we have yet to get the girls out there.

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The Byrd's Nest said...

I love the picture of all the excited little can almost hear them squealing with laughter! What a great time with your family.

Steffie B. said...

OMW.....David would be green with envy if I let him see this post....he would love nothing more than to get all 3 little things out on ski's. ;)

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

It looks like you had such a fun time and I cry everytime I see Kara and how perfect she is in your family.

I'm glad you got to have this fun family outing!

Lots of love~