Friday, December 04, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

This is going to be my "catch up" post. I don't want to forget about the memories we made over Thanksgiving - including Kara's first sight of snow. As I've mentioned before, she has talked about snow since our first days together in China. She couldn't wait to see it, as she had only seen it on tv. The morning after Thanksgiving, Kara rushed into our bedroom, threw open the curtains and yelled excitedly, "Snow is coming here! Snow is coming here!" Such a simple moment, yet so special. It was a very light snow, but the ground was covered nonetheless. Thankfully, we went out for a few minutes in the morning because it had all melted by early afternoon.

My Snow Girl

Kids (1 of 1)-10

Kids (1 of 1)-13

The kids played lots... AND LOTS... of Wii together.
My niece, Lucy, with her sidekick guitarist, Mia

Thanksgiving 09 (1 of 1)-6

Mia is rockin' out. She's a riot!

Thanksgiving 09 (1 of 1)-7

Thanksgiving 09 (1 of 1)-9

My nephew, Joe, is the other comedian of the family. He is hilarious!!

Thanksgiving 09 (1 of 1)-3

Thanksgiving 09 (1 of 1)-4

My nephews and niece stayed with us for three days, so my mom brought a special edible project for the kids. My nephew, Joe, proudly shows off his first reindeer.

Kids (1 of 1)-8

Kids (1 of 1)-16

Kids (1 of 1)-5

Kids (1 of 1)-7

Kids (1 of 1)-9

Kids (1 of 1)-4

On Friday night, we headed to the Festival of Lights. Mia has been terrified of Santa since day one. She even used to be scared of Santa ornaments. We couldn't walk anywhere near a decorated tree in a department store. After expressing fear for the entire 40-minute wait to see Santa, Mia walked right into the picture, smiled and then walked out saying, "I love Santa." I think seeing Joe cling to my mom's leg brought out the big girl in Mia. Whatever it was, I think she has finally overcome her fear.

Kids (1 of 1)-15

I hope you have a great weekend!! We have lots of fun stuff going on this weekend. I hope to be better at getting around to post pics, as I know I'll be taking tons. Happy Friday!!


Jodee Leader said...

It looks like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I love the snow pictures!

Norah said...

Great post!

Marla said...

Oh I love all the beautiful photos, Michelle! And that pic of the girls in your header is to die for!

Looks like y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tisha said...

It may have been cold outside, but it looks like you made Thanksgiving memories to warm the heart! It is such a blessing to look at all of these beautiful children that the Lord, in His providence, from literally different ends of the earth to form one family. Priceless!


Tisha said...

It is such a blessing to see all of these beautiful children that the Lord brought, in his providence, from literally different ends of the earth to form one family.

Forgot a word. Now it makes sense. :)

Alyson & Ford said...

Loved seeing the pictures of the three girls - beautiful (I teared up just thinking of their beginnings and the love they have now)!
Wonderful family!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for 14 Months

Joe and Jane said...

A first snow is the best! How exciting for Kara!

Love your Santa picture too. Every kid is looking...amazing! Glad Mia got over her fear, that's a tough one! Our girls are still a little uncertain about him!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

It looks like you had a fantastic holiday with your family!! The pics of the kids are so cute....especially the Wii pics....they are really rockin out:)

SO glad Mia is over her fear of Santa.......Sarah is in the "I Love Santa" group now too.....thank goodness:)

Have a great week Michelle!



delucchi family said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! I love how happy everyone looks and the snow pics are great!!!

LaLa said...

They are all so cute!!! I don't see how you don't all constantly hold Joe..he is so adorable!

Sammy said...

Cute girls and reindeer.