Sunday, August 02, 2009

No More Fab Five... Are They Now the Stupendous Six?

The girls had such a great time at VBS last week and still walk around singing the songs and doing the hand motions, but that post will have to wait. I just had to post pictures from our wonderful weekend. And it was truly wonderful. After hosting a dinner party at our house on Friday evening, we headed over to my brother's house on Saturday morning. We made plans to meet Kara's friend, Hannah, and her family for lunch and then a trip to a local fun place. You may recall me talking about a third girl in the trio of friends that are in many of Kara's pictures from Nanning. Hannah is that third girl. They have known each other all of their lives and lived in the orphanage together until they both went to live with foster families nearly five years ago. It is our understanding that their foster families lived close and they have remained great friends. Hannah was adopted in March and since we returned home, the three girls call each other via S*kype every week. My brother's town is a great halfway point for both of us and it was so nice that Kara and Hannah could see each other in person.

Kara & Hannah take a break from putt-putting

Hannah and Kara (1 of 1)-9

And then drive go-carts. This weekend was just full of "firsts" for her.

Hannah and Kara (1 of 1)-11

Next, we headed to meet my brother and his gorgeous family.

Meet the Stupendous Six - Kara (11), Jorge (6), Mia (3), Lucy (5), Joe (2) and Leila (8)

The Stupendous Six

Kara loved meeting her cousins. She had special one-on-one bonding time with each of them.


She went on her first-ever boat ride...

Brave Kara

... and then took a few turns on the Airhead. You can't tell it is raining in the photos, but it rained our entire boat ride. We had such a great time anyway.

Riding the Waves

The Cousins

Then back to my brother's house for lots of backyard fun, making s'mores by the fire and then catching lightning bugs. Is that a perfect summer day for a kid or what?!?

Jorge & Mia

Today, we headed to their local zoo.

Zoopendous Cousins

Our three China girls...

Our Three China Girls

One Russian beauty and two Guatemalan treasures.

At the Zoo

Lovely Little Ladies

Lucy and Mia sipping lemonade. A photo opp too cute to pass up!

Simply Sippin'

I already miss my brother's family. I hope you had a fabulous weekend, too!!


Faye said...

Fantastic pictures -- as usual. You never disappoint. Can't wait to see you all again. My girls still talk about your girls at least once every day. Love to you all.

Leslie said...

WoW...such fun pictures. I love seeing some of Kara's first's!!!!
Looks like your having such a fun and wonderful summer.

So are you ready for school to start????

Sherri and Todd said...

Fantastic pictures is right!! I love looking at your blog and seeing those beautiful little girls smiles. Great, just wonderful and I'm so happy for you!

Norah said...

Love all of the photos, but the lemonade one did me in. SO CUTE!

Kate said... happy to see all those smiling faces. Kara looks radiant and SO happy. Just really great!!! Thanks for starting my day with a wonderful feeling!!

Jboo said...

Wow -- what a special weekend! Beautiful photos! Have a great weekend!


Leah said...

Hi Michelle,

I have been following your blog for a month now and just have to comment on this post! Wow, love the pictures and the beauty of adoption.


Joe and Jane said...

Could you all be having any more fun or what? Adorable pics.

Natalie said...

Oh what a beautiful family.
The pictures are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when we would see the kids all together! Your families have been formed in the most awesome way and looking at all those precious faces warms my heart.

Kara looks like she is loving all of her firsts!!!

Blessings and Hugs, Ashley

PS - I absolutely love the pics of all the kids together and also the one of Lucy and Mia sipping is so adorable - friend you have a definite talented eye through your lens (and for decorating too, and well a lot of things!:)

Alyson & Ford said...

Wonderful pictures of the children!
Happy,happy week!

If you can help our friend…

Thank you,
Alyzabeth’s Mommy for Ten Months

Cammie said...

How fantastic that your family is such a great kalidescope of God's creation! Beautiful children!

I love also that Kara is in touch with a freind from her orphanage! What a blessing is!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I love that your family is a reminder to all that love knows no boundaries. And I am amazed at God's wondrous hand in keeping Kara and Hannah close.

Steffie B. said...

Michelle.....I have to say that these pictures of all the kids are just spectacular! ;)

mommy24treasures said...

these are wonderful:) I can just imagine what fun your families have together!