Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The New "Dos"

I can't believe that Monday was our one month anniversary home! Wow, does time fly!! I took the two older girls to the state fair and the three of us had a great time. We missed our little Mia, but it would have been too much for me to be by myself with all three girls, trying to find three different kinds of rides to fit each of their individual comfort levels. (Kara loves heights and thrills way more than her mother and sisters do!) It was so nice to be able to walk around holding hands with my big girls.

The Cousins (1 of 1)

Leila and Kara both got to milk a cow.
The Cousins (1 of 1)-7

Tuesday was another big day for the older girls as Leila and Kara got their hair cut, got their teeth cleaned and went school shopping. Mia sat and watched her brave big sisters in the dentist chair. I was so proud of them both. I am sure that was a first for Kara.

I scheduled a hair appointment for Kara with a Mandarin-speaking stylist. When I told her she was getting her hair cut, I was worried she would be upset. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. She was so excited and quickly pointed out to me that she wanted bangs and wanted lots of length cut off, which was quite shocking to me. (It's amazing how much you can communicate through hand gestures, by the way.) Well, I kept Kara's ponytail of hair that the stylist cut off and came home and measured it. She got 10" cut off at its longest point! It looks so nice and healthy now. And Leila decided to join her other two sisters and get bangs, too. I love how both of their hair cuts turned out and they are both thrilled!

The "Before"

The Cousins (1 of 1)-6

( Ignore the ponytail band ridges in Kara's hair.)
The Cousins (1 of 1)-5

The "After"

The Cousins (1 of 1)-3

The Cousins (1 of 1)-8

One month home and I still haven't had much time on the computer. The limited time I do have I have been editing photos or posting here. I hope to get a chance to pop in for a visit SOON!!! I miss seeing what all of my friends have been up to!!!


Anonymous said...

Leila and Kara - the "new dos" look awsome!!!

I just can't tell you how wonderful it is to see the girls together, smiling and having fun:)

When does school start for the girls? I go back a week from next Tuesday and then my students come the following Monday. Summers always fly by... I am up home visiting for a week, and thankfully my mom was able to come home from the hospital on Monday:) She is doing so much better just because she is home! HOME must be the best place (as Kara shows too!)

Blessings and Hugs, Ashley

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Love the new haircuts!! They look great! (:

Kris said...

They both look so cute with their new haircuts!! And am just loving how they always seem to be so happy in their photos- seems like things are going so well~!

Marla said...

Love the new hair cuts, too cute!!! Glad your having a great summer, its going by to fast for us.

Norah said...

Their hair looks great!

Natalie said...

The hair cuts are great. The girls are so beautiful. Seems like the adjustments are doing great. I'm so glad for you.

LaLa said...

Love their new dos!! I can't believe how long her hair was : )

Sherri and Todd said...

Wow, Kara did get a lot taken off. Both their dos look great. My little guy just had his cut too.

Jboo said...

So cute -- those are great haircuts!


Stacy said...

Love their new hair cuts! They look so cute. Glad you had fun at the fair. We haven't made it there yet!

Felicia said...

Love the new dos...looks like Kara is doing great :)

Ohilda said...

Their "dos" look adorable! What fun to have 2 big girls, Michelle...and a baby still.

Thanks for sharing.

Stacy said...

I LOVE the news dos! The girls look so sleek and sassy! Kara really seems to have a great sense of adventure! Thanks for sharing!

Julie L. said...

What a fun week! :) The girls look so cute with their new hairdos! (I like Kara's outfit, by the way!)

delucchi family said...

Wow what a brave thing for Kara to do and all those new experiences.
Love Jules
PS off to china next thursday!!

mommy24treasures said...

love the new do's and the fair below look slike tons of fun too!
Kara has the warmest smile in photos!:)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Both new dos look so healthy and gorgeous now! It's been wonderful to read your posts over the past month... thank you for this glimpse into older child adoption. I find myself absolutely enthralled (although not in a stalkerish, offensive way) and am learning so much.

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

I love their hair ~ Beautiful!!!!

It shocked me to read that it has been a month, ny oh my how quickly the time flies~ it is wonderful to see how much fun the girls are having together. Sisterhood is an amazing thing, they are so blessed to have each other.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Shirlee McCoy said...

I love the new dos! Your girls are beautiful, and it seems like they all get along so well!

Jill said...

Love the new do's!
Sounds like you guys are keeping busy and having a ball!
I get so happy when I read your updates Michelle!
Hugs, Jill

Rachel said...

Love the new do's!

I love being able to spend time alone with my boys - I miss Lily terribly but its such a treat to be with the "big kids". For them and for me!