Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Just You and Me, Kid

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With Leila and Kara back in school, that leaves Mia and I to do as we please during the day. As much as I miss the other two, I enjoy my one-on-one time with Mia so much. This morning we had a play date with a couple of her China friends. Can you believe I didn't get any pictures of them together? I KNOW!! I'm slacking, eh?

But before I get to any more pictures, I wanted to share that Kara had a GREAT first three days at school. Her teacher asked her to write some Chinese characters on the dry-erase board on her first day and the kids were in awe of it. It only got better when the teacher asked each child in the class to write a story about themselves. She wasn't sure if Kara understood the instructions, but Kara did write a story in Chinese. The teacher asked if she would read it to the class... in Mandarin, of course. She read it out loud and the teacher and class loved it so much, they asked her to read it again. What a wonderful start to her first day of school! I think she felt like a little rock star. When the girls got off the bus, they were both smiles and Leila quickly said, "Kara has already made a lot of friends on her first day!" Hooray!! Amazingly enough, Kara was able to communicate the details of the day in a way that I could understand everything. And I was thrilled when her teacher called later that evening to chat about the day's events. I think she was quite surprised that I already knew what had transpired at school. he he. You'd just be amazed how you can communicate even with limited ability to speak the same language.

The next morning, she got on the bus and went to the back and sat with one of her new friends and just waved to me as they drove off with a huge smile on her face. How wonderful! Now, if only I could do something about the dreaded back of the bus. I know it's where the fifth graders sit, but....... sigh.

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Have a great weekend! I am taking Kara and Mia to a fun FCC event tomorrow morning while Leila is at soccer. I hope the rain is gone by then, as it should be a beautiful event to photograph.

p.s. I still love that Livi Lu top!!!


Colleen said...

Enjoy your time with Mia!!! We miss you this weekend. We are having a good time....: )

Anonymous said...

So glad that Kara had a wonderful first week:)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Hugs, Ashley

JG said...

Oh, how wonderful! It sounds like she has a great teacher. I hope the rest of the year goes so well!

Jboo said...

Wonderful to hear that Kara had such a great first week of school!

Such great photos of Mia -- she's such a little sweetie -- am sure she loves having you all to herself during the day! Have a fun weekend.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am so happy to hear that Kara had a fantastic first few days. It must have made you felt so good watching her climb on that bus.

Adorable photos of Miss Mia......I love her Livi Lou top:) I too am looking forward to a little one on one with Sarah when big brother goes back to school!!

Hope you are having a wonederful weekend!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I am just in awe of the ease with which Kara transitioned to her new school. Enjoy life as you settle into the school routine.

Missy said...

I just love that Mia! She has a million watt smile! I am also so thrilled to hear that Kara had a great first week at school. She is just radiant. I hope that one day soon we can meet up. I think, no, I know, Paige would love your girls. I already know I love their mom :)

mommy24treasures said...

I am so glad the girls had a great first day! And these pics are gorgeous! I have a few tire swing pics I have to get on the blog myself. These are very similar!
I know you had such a fun day with your little monkey.

Amy said...

It is such a small world! I happen to live next to your brother and his family. In fact, your nephew and my son are best buddies. I didn't know about your blog from them but through a mutual bloggy friend of ours - Sarah. I'll have to mention this to R and S ... glad to "meet" you. Amy