Friday, May 01, 2009

Take Time to Smell the... Hats?

This month's We Picture This theme is "Hats." As I was thinking about what type of hat I wanted to photograph the girls wearing, I had an idea to cover the hats in fresh flowers. I am not thrilled with my focus on some of these, but I thought the girls looked pretty in their flower hats. Unfortunately, they weren't in the mood for a duo shot, but preferred to be photographed individually. Oh well, I'll take what I can get. :)

BTW, I'd love to hear your votes for which one I should enter in next week's "I Heart Faces" contest.




This is one of my favorites. This is just my goofy Mia.




I tried a vintage look for this one.


I used the same whitewash preset that I did on this week's "I Heart Faces" entry and then painted Mia's lips pink. I just thought it had an artsy look to it.




Have a great weekend!! I hope you all get a chance to take time to smell the roses. ;)


day by day said...

Beautiful, Michelle! I am afraid I can't help you with choosing just one...cause I love them all. : )

Have a wonderful week-end!!!

Tisha said...


Asking to pick a favorite is like Mission Impossible. :) But, I especially like the one where Mia is giving a kiss and the last two. Those hats are adorable. It looks like the girls are all ready for the Kentucky Derby. Have a great day.


DiJo said...

I LOVE these!!!! Mia being goofy is my favorite too!!!
And, I love what you did in Lightroom. Thanks for the inspiration!


Rebecca said...

My ABSOLUTE favorite is the goofy one!! It's got so much personality. :) They are all beautiful - love the whitewash! Where did you get that preset?


Rebecca said...

Never mind. I just saw which preset it was... I have that one but I've never used it! Thanks for the inspiration!


dkinner7 said...

I love the cute, goofy Mia photo the best. It's just such an adorable photo and makes me smile! But all of them are great. Your girls are so sweet!!!

Michelle said...

They are all gorgeous Michelle! You did an amazing job! My favorite has to be the "goofy" one, it looks like something out of a magazine!!!

Gail said...

These are absolutely beautiful Michelle!!!! Love them. My favorite is the goofy one of Mia.

Happy May Day!

and my word verification is 'hatahop.' Too funny with the hat theme!

Ohilda said...

Oh Michelle! They are ALL SO cute. I could hardly choose just one. I think I can narrow it down to the 4th one and the one of the girls together. LOVE 'EM!!!!

Felicia said...

I love them all, it's too hard to choose. They need to travel my way, they're ready for a day at the Derby!

Mandi said...

Love, love, love the pictures. Your girls are just beautiful. I especially like the last two and the white washed one.


snekcip said...

I love ALL of them but my FAVORITE was the "painted lips" one!! GORGEOUS!

Sarah said...

VERY hard to choose, but I think I just might like the goofy lips one best. It makes me smile. Second favorite is the whitewash for the artistic value. Could print that one on a note card. :) AND like Rebecca, I'd love to know where you got the whitewash preset or action.

Anonymous said...

Love them all, but if you pulled my arm to pick some...

The one you love of Mia, the one of Leila with the rose and the one where you can only see the profile of Mia's lips!

Have a blessed weekend!!!


Missy said...

These are my FAVS!!! I LOVE the one of Mia's hat over her eyes and her kissing the flowers. TOO cute. I also love the whitewash ones, too. They are stunning. Where did you say you found the preset? I love it!

Leslie said...

OMG...your girls are so ready for the Derby Michelle. I love all these hat photo's, but I also like the one where Mia's eye's are covered up. What a hard pick to choose!!!

This is my second post...don't know what happened to my first???

Miss you girl!!!!

mommy24treasures said...

beautiful. love the vintage...

Joe and Jane said...

Wow! I can practically smell the flowers on those hats! Great photos!

Terri said...

I just stumbled onto your blog from another. Your pictures and your daughters are just beautiful! Breath taking!!!!

Renee said...

What kind of camera do you use?

. said...

I LOVE your pictures! Please share how you make them!! I just bought a Nikon D40 and I'm hoping I can take the kind of pictures you are taking. So you used adobe photoshop too? What else makes these photos so amazing other then the photographer??

Also, Where will you be posting for your trip next week? My family i leaving July 10 and doing the same itinenary except Guilen.