Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Soccer Mom

Have I mentioned that Leila is on not one, but two, soccer teams this Spring? (Thank you, honey.) So our lives our filled with soccer, soccer... and oh, did I mention SOCCER!?! As much as I am not loving it, Leila really is, which I am very thankful for. Last night, she had her first game with the academy team. Silly me. I thought she was going to play one game. Instead, she played four back-to-back short games, for a total of two hours! We have round two of the same tonight, plus we have six more games this week - including two next Saturday and two on Sunday. So, please let me apologize now for not getting to stop by and pay a visit as frequently as I would like.

The coach of last night's team asked if any of the parents could take pictures for the soccer academy. My husband gladly raised my hand for the job. I do love taking photos, but I am so not a professional. Oh, the pressure! (Julia - I needed a quick tutorial on soccer photography from you!) I also really do not like shooting in bright sunlight. I can't even see the LCD to see if I'm taking any decent shots. (Tips, anyone?) Fortunately, I got a few decent ones. WHEW! Here are my favorites of Leila.

20090425_84-2 640

Even though the other girl won the ball, I liked this action shot.

20090425_85 640

Leila loves to play goalie. I get so nervous when she plays goalie, but she did great last night. She played goalie a few times and never let a goal in. After one particularly good save, the coach said, "Leila, you dove on that ball like it was money!" :)

20090425_109-2 640

20090425_114-2 640

20090425_115-2 640

20090425_116-2 640

20090425_122 640

20090425_118-2 640

Leila also scored a beautiful goal last night, but I didn't get a picture of it. :(

Two hours of soccer games is a lot for a 3-year old, but fortunately, she had the best seat in the house (not that she sat for long)... and her S*tarburst to keep her happy.

20090425_152 640

Gotta run and go get ready for more soccer. I hope you all have a great week!!


Missy said...

Gotta love soccer season! Way to go, Leila!!! Looks like she is one incredible player. I think you took some amazing action shots! I know Julia would be proud :)

Felicia said...

Way to go Leila and way to go for being the team's photographer. They are one lucky team to get your talents.

Gail said...

Wow Leila!!! These are fantastic Michelle! I'm not a soccer mom but for many years I was a hockey mom so can relate....

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

WOW...she looks like she means business on the soccer field....way to go girl!!

Michelle, the pictures are is a hard sport to photograph...I think you did a fabulous job!!


Tisha said...

I love the determination in Leila's face in these pictures. That will serve her well on and off the soccer field.

I'm with Nolan. I would have raised your hand as well. Your pictures are always amazing. I wish I had one tenth of your talent. And it looks like you're off to a great start!

Have a fantastic week!

Jboo said...

You did a great job on your photo duties!! And wow -- that's a lot of soccer. Have a fun week!