Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Farm Girl Flashback

When Leila came home with a note from her music teacher that said she needed to dress like a farmer for the first grade musical, I knew exactly what shirt I wanted her to wear - one that was hand-sewn by my great-grandmother. My great-grandmother was about 90-years old at the time and her arthritic fingers were so crooked, I have no idea how she could have sewn anything, but I remember loving the shirts that she made for my brother and I. Stitched with love, that's for sure.

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20090422_67 500b

For a shirt that's nearly 30 years old, it looks in pretty good shape, doesn't it?

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By now, you may be asking yourself, "Why did this shirt remind me of a farmer?"

Well, let me take you back in time and show you.

Are you ready for this?

Flashback to 1980 - My one and only time showing a pig at the county fair. Pig001

Let's zoom in on this, shall we? If I'm going to embarass myself, my motto is "go big or go home"!
Just me, my piggy and my grown-out D*orothy H*amill. Ooo la la.


OK friends, personal humiliation week is officially over. I hope you have enjoyed my trip down memory lane. ;) I know it did my heart good to see my little girl up there on stage wearing something that my great-grandmother put so much love into, so it was worth it!

UPDATE: Some of you have asked if my pig won. Sadly, it did not. On the contrary, it did everything possible NOT to win. It got in a fight with every single pig in the ring and I ran out of the arena crying. This would be the reason this was my one and only time showing a pig. Ahhhhhh.... good memories. :)


ADELE said...

I had a grown out Dorothy Hamil hairdo as well back in the day so don't feel bad. LOL! Love the pics and so neat that she is able to wear the same shirt. Great post!

Mandi said...

I LOVE that shirt. It is so cute and Leila looks too cute in it. I think it is really cool that your daughter was able to wear something that not only did you wear, but that was made by your great grandmother.

That is priceless

Sharon said...

That is just priceless!! What an elegant young lady you were, especially to be hanging out with wilber!

Very special shirt!! Hope it makes it another generation too.

day by day said...

"go big or go home" are TOO funny! Thanks for letting us walk memory lane with you!!

love the shirt and the story behind it!!

Stacy said...

I think it is great you still have those things! I love the pics of Leila - she looks adorable in both!

LaLa said...

I love that shirt...and it looks great on her just like it did on you. Hey, so did your pig win??

Gail said...

Leila looks so cute in the shirt and I love how it meant so much to you and you kept it for all those years.

Also wondering if your pig won? And...ahem... I also had the Dorothy Hamill "do" but I was a little bit older than you. ;)

Anonymous said...

No way! I showed goats at the fair, in '80 and '81! I had no idea how old fashioned it would be someday :)!! I love the picts and the blouse looks great. Amazing!

Answer to your question: Mt Hood in April. Isn't it lovely?!

Ohilda said...

WOW!!! Now BOTH those pics are totally priceless. Love it.

And yea, did your pig win? LOL!



Norah said...

The shirt is AWESOME! It looked perfect on Leila. Just perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love the story of you and your pig! Leila looks great as a farmer - the cutest one in the pictures anyway. Hope you have a good weekend. My boyfriend and I are heading to Indiana to see my sister and her kids. My nephew is getting baptized and I am his godmother. My parents will be there too, which is nice because we didn't know if my mom would make it - her treatments have been rough lately - prayers would be great:)

Have a wonderful weekend!! Ashley

Marla said...

That is too cute, and the shirt, you can just see how much love wnet into it. What a proud mom you must have been.

Felicia said...

I too had the Dorothy Hamil! Hey, that was the do to have back in the day :)

These pictures are so cute. And how cool that she got to wear the same shirt

Joe and Jane said...

So cute! What a treasure of a shirt! And I can't even imagine pigs fighting! That had to be something! You poor thing!

Tisha said...


I just love these "flashback" pics. Maybe in another 30 years you'll be posting pictures of your granddaughter in that shirt. :) I'm assuming the pig didn't fare as well as the shirt. LOL! Have a great weekend.


mommy24treasures said...

I think that its so neat you still have the shirt! I throw everything away.
It looks so perfect on L:)

a Tonggu Momma said...

You know I am LOVING this!!!! And I adore the Dorothy hair... probably because I looked the same once apon a time. LOL.