Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Memories

We had such a wonderful Christmas creating memories celebrating our Savior's birth and spending precious time together with family.

After attending the Christmas Eve service, which was made even more special by having my mom with us, the girls sprinkled some reindeer food on the lawn and snuggled up to hear the story of Jesus' birth. The girls woke up to many surprises left by Santa. Our house favorite was a Wii, which we played all afternoon. And for the record, Leila beats me at about every game. We had so much fun on Christmas day. (Even when I was getting spanked in tennis by my 7-year old daughter!)

122708 Christmas01

Friday morning, we headed over to my brother and sister-in-law's house. You all know how much we enjoy spending time with my brother and his family. Here are a few photos of yesterday and today...

122708 DXChristmas03

Mia, Lucy & Joe

122708 DXChristmas06

A little indoor football practice with my future NFL star nephew, Jorge

122708 DXChristmas02

A little early birthday celebration for my older brother, Rob. :-)

122708 DXChristmas04

A little family bowling fun...

122708 DXChristmas01

And a little future blackmail for my adorable nephew, Joe. ha ha

122708 DXChristmas05

I hope you all made wonderful memories that you will treasure forever!


Sharon said...

Perfect Christmas!!! Such a precious family!!!! I know you will always treasure this post! Next year will be even more amazing.

Tisha said...


The Lord has richly blessed your family! What precious children and precious memories. It just warms my heart to see you all together. Gotta love Joe in the Cinderella slippers. ;)

Wii was a big hit here as well. No one told me that I needed to do warm up exercises before a video game though. Does it mean that I am severely out of shape if I pulled a muscle doing Wii bowling?!?!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Felicia said...

Love all of your collages..the girls look like they had a magical time. Love the picture of your nephew in the angel wings and heels...he is soooo cute.

Marla said...

Great family memories! I love the kids in their matching outfits and pj's

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

It sounds like you had a perfect holiday!! Your pictures are they always are:)

Your nephew Joe is too cute...that will definitely be a black mail photo later in his life...LOL!!

Happy Holidays my friend!!


Leslie said...

I just love your cute and adorable family. Looks like it was so much fun with all those little ones running around.

As always...such wonderful pictures.

Have a Happy New Year Michelle.

Jboo said...

Wow Michelle -- what great photos!! Looks like everyone had a perfectly wonderful Christmas!

Best wishes for the new year!


Somewhere In The Sun said...

What great pictures! That is one amazing Santa cookie. I'm sure it was yummy!


day by day said...

Hi Michelle!

You make the most beautiful collages!

I loved all of the family pictures...looks like you all have so much fun together!!

mommy24treasures said...

oh wht sweet memories! Such a wonderful job on the collages. Looks like wonderful family time.
AHHH that Joe just gets me everytime, those Guatemala babies are so dear to my heart, he is just darling!

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Precious photos!! Makes me feel all fuzzy looking at them. :) I'm so glad you had such a beautiful Christmas surrounded by family! The girls are too cute in the matching dresses. Just think, soon you'll have to order THREE!

Mom To Six said...


I love the pictures!! The kids are so happy.

Have a wonderful New Year.



Beverly said...

precious! love the nephew in the fairie wings.

Missy said...

Your Christmas looked wonderful! I love seeing the pictures of all of the adorable kiddos in your family. What fun to have so many cousins to play with. I am glad you guys had a special day!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your pre-approval arrived. What great timing too! Your pictures really are always gorgeous.


Becki party of 5 said...

Merry Christmas! Looks like you had a fun Christmas with your family.
We got a Wii this year, too, and you're right....the kids rock. Me, not so much!
congrats on your PA, can't wait to hear your whole adoption story!

Denise said...

What a wonderful post...I love all of your pictures! Do you do your collages with Flickr? I use Flickr Toys, but yours look different?

Happy New Year!

mickie said...

Michelle, it is wonderful to see the fantastic Christmas you and your family celebrated! Your family is growing up so quickly. Soon an new big sister. I love the photos of Rob and his family. You do an amazing job.

Chris and Deb said...
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Chris and Deb said...

looks like a perfect Christmas Michelle! I think the Wii was one of the more popular gifts this year! I think we need to get one at his house too! I would love the FIT!

Steph&Bob said...


What wonderful pictures and memories of the holidays! The girls are absolutely adorable and I'm sure they are looking forward toward this next year with an addition to the family.

Steph Vogel