Saturday, August 02, 2008

The "500 Post" Giveaway

072608 500 Posts

We had an awesome week at VBS. The girls are exhausted, though. I had to wake them up after napping more than three hours today and they still wanted more sleep!! I can't wait to post some of the photos and video from this past week, but first I wanted to do a "500 posts" giveaway. My counter says that I have officially reached 500 posts (ok, many are due to the fact that I used to group photo uploads and post multiple sets on a single day), but I have been blogging for two years now, I have far too many printed pages to count and I thought this would be a perfect time for a giveaway.

I started this blog to journal Mia's adoption and share photos of our journey with friends and family back home. (Unfortunately, I had no idea what a blog was when we traveled to Russia for Leila's adoption. I only wish I would have had one back then.) I have always scrapbooked, but I really liked having another creative outlet for keeping track of our lives together. Months after returning from China, I loved going to meetings or running into friends and hearing that people were still reading it, but I really kept doing it more for me than anyone. (Well, for my mom and mother-in-law, too.)

It wasn't until earlier this year that I "unhid" (is that a word?) my blog and started reaching out to meet new people, reading other blogs and really grasping what this whole blogging world is all about. I still love the immediate gratification of posting pictures and journaling our day's events, but now I love it for so much more than that. Over the last few months, I have met some really amazing women and have been incredibly blessed by the friendships that have developed.

I have "met" so many strong Christian women that inspire me. One of the blogs that has touched me on so many levels is Bring the Rain. If you have not yet read this, I really encourage you to do so. Start at the bottom and gradually make your way to the top. Angie and her beautiful family have faced significant loss this year and in the midst of her grief, she glorifies God in the most eloquently-written posts that I have ever read. God is doing amazing things through Angie and I believe this blog is just a launching point for what He has in store for her. Angie's very talented husband, Todd, has a Christian band, Selah. They have some truly wonderful songs, including one of my favorites, "All My Praise." So... please leave a comment and you'll be entered into the random drawing for two Selah CDs: Hiding Places and Bless the Broken Road. If you are reading this and I haven't yet "met" you, I'd love to. Now is the perfect time to introduce yourself - you could win something!! :-)


I'll post the winner next week... along with those VBS photos.


missy said...


I feel so fortunate to have "met" you through our blogs. You are an incredible mommy and a great friend.

I have a goal and it is to have a huge blogger reunion (well, union since I haven't met so many of you). I feel like my friendships with you and others is so special.

What an accomplishment...500 posts! You live a rich and blessed life, my friend.

I love Selah and actually have those CD's, so your friendship is giveaway enough!

You are a dear!

mommy24treasures said...

I am so glad you came "out";)
I have enjoyed your friendship and love hearing about your beautiful daughters and their adoption stories as well as their everyday activities:)

Marla said...

What a nice thing to do for your friends. I too feel blessed with so many great christian friends in this wonderful blogging world.

Leslie said...

I can't believe you are at 500 post's either. WoW, and I'm so glad too, that your blogging and meeting so many new people. You are a gem, and I always love that you come and visit our blog all the time. Our journery's to our children are very similar, and hopefully we will be able to meet one day to talk (about our travels), to blog, and to digi scrap. It will be so fun.

I just found Angie's blog the other day, and can't wait to have time to sit down, and read everything. It's going to be a great read for sure.

Beth said...

I "happened" upon your blog through someone in our travel group for China (or I should say - WAITING to travel....long way to go yet only at 17 mo so far) BUT I have really enjoyed reading your postings...It did not take me long to realize we live in the same "town" AND my husband teaches in your daughter's school district - small world! Loved the band aid posting :)

Becki party of 5 said...

It's amazing how this blogland brings so many of us together...I love it!
Can't wait to see your VBS pics, I"m sure they are great!

Annette said...

I'm happy to have found your blog too. Our adoption journeys are so alike, with Isabella adopted from Russia and our future China adoption. I too wish I had known about this blogging thing when we were adopting Isabella. I love reading your blog and seeing your girls darling faces! Love how you did your 500 post page.

Michelle said...

I just recently started reading your blog and love it! Probably because I adopted from russia in 2001, and now have adopted from China too. I also didn't know what a blog was in 2001. This is a very generous giveaway, I would love to enter!

Bella's momma said...


Yours is one of the blogs that inspires me. I am very thankful that you 'opened' your blog up and that our paths crossed!

Bring the rain is another post that I have so enjoyed reading. This family has been through so much and yet their faith remains. It is inspiring but even more than that is is proof that God is present and will carry His children through their darkest hour.

Congratulations my friend on your 500th post~


Michelle said...

Hi Michelle!

First, that photo is BEAUTIFUL! You are very talented!

I agree with you about all of the friendships made through blogging...they are invaluable!! I try to convince some friends to start blogging and they say they do not have the time. I can not explain to them the many blessings that come along with blogging.

I love Selah and am anxious to check the blog you have shared.

Have a wonderful week and I am so thankful to have met YOU through blogging!!!

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Congrats on 500 posts!

Bella's momma said...

Hey my friend,

When you have a moment please look at blog. Bella and I did the tag, what fun! Thank you so much for choosing us.

Have a wonderful day,


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Congratulations, Michelle, on your 500th post. Actually, it is a win for us--those who have "met" you. Thank you for letting us peek in on your beautiful family.

Here's to 500 more posts!!!

Many blessings,

Faye said...

Michelle-- I just checked out a little of the Bring the Rain blog. What I read made me sob. I have been feeling very blue lately and that made me think about things and be very grateful for the blessings in my life. Thank you for sharing. Hope to have a play date soon.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hey there -- we just recently "met." I just wanted to say how glad I am to have found your blog... and I agree about Angie at Bring the Rain. Wow - what a testimony she shares. When I started my blog, I so wanted to be a powerful witness like her or Antique Mommy or some other amazing Christian woman.

Unfortunately, I'm just a momma who rambles. But that's how God made me! LOL.

(I don't participate in giveaways so I can remain anonymous, but I think it's great you are offering this to your bloggy friends!)

Doug and Terrye said...

I don't remember if I have ever posted here, but here goes...We traveled in March 2006 to bring our daughter home from China. It's nice to read the blog of a fellow mom!

Terrye in FL

P.S. Steven Curtis Chapman and family will be on Good Morning America tomorrow (8/6)...I read your profile :)

Ronda said...

I hope I did not miss this...put my name down. I love giveaways