Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Girls Got Tagged


Pictures from Favorite Hat Night at VBS on Tuesday

Mar'yana, Alex & Ryan tagged Mia and Leila a few days ago, but we're just now getting around to it. Thanks, kids. This was fun! (I had Mia go first so she wouldn't just repeat Leila's answers.)

Mia: I dunno. Mia.
Leila: Leila

Mia: 2 (showing me with her fingers)
Leila: 7

Favorite Things to Do:
Mia: I dunno.
Leila: Color, draw, watch tv, dress up and hula hoop

Favorite Foods:
Mia: Chicken nuggets
Leila: Tomato Soup, Pickled Beats and Pickles

Least Favorite Foods:
Mia: What? I dunno.
Leila: Onions, brown bananas, onions, too much dressing on my salad.

Favorite Toys:
Mia: Bike
Leila: Hula hoop, Ariel doll head

Favorite Books:
Mia: Ummmmmmmm....Ummmmmmmm.....Ummmmmmmmm.... Dora book
Leila: Ariel Christmas book, Phonics reading books

Favorite Items of Clothing:
Mia: Dress and fwip fwops (flip-flops)
Leila: Backless dresses (she's all about backless clothing), white dresses, shrugs (ok, she didn't know the name for these, but we just bought two for school and she was describing them for me), things with sparkles and flowers

What makes me Happy:
Mia: Mommy, Daddy
Leila: Mommy and Daddy, Mia, Grandma, Nana, Jorge, Lucy & Joe, my friends, especially Allie

What makes me Sad:
Mia: I dunno.
Leila: When Mommy raises her voice at me (I'm just keeping it real, folks). If my friends would say something mean to me.



Jane - These pictures are for you. Just to prove my kids do not always want to smile. :-)20080729_8



Patty said...

I am still laughing as I write this..your Leila and our Mar'yana are two peas in a pod..she can down a whole jar of pickled beets in one sitting if you'd let her! I've never known a child to love beets like she does. She also loves the sparkle-ly clothes, backless tops and anything over the top. Glad the animal prints aren't as popular this year...LOL. It will be fun to look back at this in a few years and see what has changed...

Bella's momma said...

This is going to be fun to do~ It sure was fun reading your girls!!!

Mia ~ is too funny and Leila is so grown up.

Thank you for tagging Bella.

Have a great day,


missy said...

Awww, I loved getting to know Leila and Mia, well Leila better : ) She is a good little!

The photos of those two beauties are wonderful. I love coming to your blog and seeing your sweeties. You guys always make me smile!

Ok, off to interview Paige. She'll think this is fun!

mommy24treasures said...

oh these are darling. I saw this on Journey to Oakley's blog and thought it was a super great idea.
I will try to do it in one of my next two posts:)

Marla said...

I'm with Leila, I dont like brown banannas either, cute answers.

nsmorinville said...

Just found your site from Seventh Diamond one, you take wonderful pictures. What type of camera and lense do you use?? And how do you do your digital scrapbooks, they are awesome and I want to start doing that. You are inspiring because we are looking into adoption.

Michelle said...

Love these pictures!! I was surprised about Leila's favorite foods...she likes food with some zest! And Mia's I dunno's were too cute!! : )

Leslie said...

What cute and sweet answers from your girls. Too precious.

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Those pix are precious!!

Felicia said...

So very cute. Love the answers. I love fwip fwops too :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

I just found your blog today. It is gorgeous! This is a clever post, too. We may have to interview our little Tongginator, although I'm scared of some of her answers! :)

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh my what cute answers!! I love their hats too!