Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random Cuteness

I love my sweet little Mia's precious profile. I love to run my finger from her forehead down to her chin when I'm putting her to bed at night. I just love how this photo captures her adorable features.

Photo 079

And then there's that smile...

Photo 071

I love this photo because Leila has become quite the hula hoopster. If she has a moment of free time, she heads for the garage to grab the hula hoop.

Photo 040

I have to brag on her, as she is quite good. She does tricks and can keep the hoop up for a very long time. She is trying to teach me. When she was in school, we would stand out in front of the house before the school bus came and she would coach me. If I got it around more than four times, I thought I was doing pretty well. (All the while, I am making a fool of myself in front of my neighbors, but if it entertains my girls, I don't mind.) Leila has been such a big cheerleader for me while trying to teach me ("Good mom!", "Way to go, Mom!") and I actually thought she believed I was improving. Turns out she told our babysitter Saturday night that "Mom's not very good." LOL. Busted! Oh well, I'll keep trying, because we're having a lot of fun doing it together.

And while Leila is hoopin' it up, Mia is pedaling to her heart's content on her little trike. You should see this girl go!

Photo 045


Bella's mama said...

Wonderful post. You are blessed my friend, you are blessed!!!!!

mommy24treasures said...

I love that Leila goes to get the hula hoop in her spare moments. Thats wonderful that she is so good at it. The girls keep begging me for one and I have put it off.
Mia's profile is lovely.:) and her smile as well.


well of course you can add me to your favorites .. i need to do a major revision to mine... haven't added anyone in 5 months (so behind on that) ...i still can't get over how beautiful you side bar pictures are ... so precious and beautiful ... just like a dream ... I say send your story to your friend ... I am hoping the book puts many people over the edge for adoption and a few precious angels find their way to their forever family !

kris said...

They are both such beautiful girls :O)

Joe and Jane said...

Hey! I just tried to hula hoop the other day and it was HARD! I totally can't do it anymore. I made a fool of myself in front of a big group of people as well, but it was fun... I heard they now have hula hoop coaches who do parties for adults.

Per your question earlier, Willa's outfit was a gift and the label says Sweet Treasures. It looks boutique-y, not sure where it comes from - sorry!

I can't believe it's that warm there! We are still waiting for summer here.