Sunday, June 08, 2008

Is this July?

I can't believe this heat! It's not even officially summer yet, and at 90+ degrees, it already feels like July. We went to West Virginia to visit Nolan's family for the weekend. Thankfully, there is a local pool there that the girls (and we) could go to cool off. Why is it that we didn't mind the heat when we were kids... and it doesn't bother our own kids... yet it is so miserable for us as adults? (Well, at least for me.)

I took the lens cap off my camera to take a picture of not one, but two, hula hoops stuck up in the tree in Nolan's parents' backyard, and my lens immediately steamed up. Leila first got the pink one stuck. Nolan then tried to use the white one to knock the pink one out and it got stuck, too. :-)

Photo 001

What's a trip to WV without a good roll down a hill?
Photo 021
The girls and their Nana, after they completed Nana's scavenger hunt.
Photo 046
We arrived home this evening to more sweltering heat. Since we didn't feel like packing up again to leave and go to the pool, we just turned on the irrigation system. :-)
Photo 089
Photo 069

Photo 081


mommy24treasures said...

In Disney last yr my lens steamed up. It scared me at first! I was new to photography besides a point and shoot and had never had that happen.
it is very hot and it is wierd isn't it? I usually love June.

LaLa said...

Love all the pics..the sprinkler ones are priceless. Sweet pic with Nana too : )It is hot here too and I get so frustrated when my lens fogs up !

Bella's mama said...

What a wonderful start to summer. Precious memories!!!!

missy said...

These are great photos! I just love the close ups of your two sweeties. It is miserably hot here, too.

Chris & Deb said...

go figure.....and here we have been very cook until this week. Looks like summer is here to stay now! :)