Monday, June 16, 2008

Nolan's Special Day

Nolan's Father Day afternoon started with a gift from Leila - a father/daughter trip to the driving range. (I have to give credit to Joe, Jennifer & Adrienne for this idea. I saw pics of Joe and Adrienne at the driving range together and thought that was just the greatest idea for some quality father/daughter time.) Leila LOVED it, as did Nolan. (She "golfs" in our backyard all the time.) The cutest part was when Mia and I dropped by to say "hello" and Leila gave Mia lessons like she had been doing it for years. So sweet and so patient... just like I'm sure her daddy taught her. (See video below).

Fathers Day 2008 Driving Range

Then it was off to dinner - Nolan's pick, of course.
Fathers Day 2008 Dinner
The day ended with smores by the fire. Nolan wanted a fire pit and we purchased one last year with the new deck furniture. I hate to admit it, but we never used it at all last year. So... one of my gifts to him was a smores kit and skewers so that we could hold our first of many "camp fires" of the year. We stripped Messy Mia down for her smore eating, hence the semi-naked Mia. :-)

Fathers Day 2008 Smores

And thanks to Krista for the idea, I'm going to start a tradition of putting these scrapbook pages in a special Father's Day album just for Nolan. I was just planning on putting them in the family album, but I love the idea of a special one just for him. (See, shouldn't my husband be thankful that I love reading blogs? he he)


Bella's mama said...

Girlfriend~ that is awesome. Your hubby will love receiving his special book!!!! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

Hope you have a great week as well,


LaLa said...

These pages are beautiful! What a sweet video...

Yeah, two weeks is a lot worse than 3 days....sorry : (

LaLa said...

Hey..don't have your this will only make sense to you. NO...I was not saying anything about your comment other than how sad I was for you. It really did stink didn't it?? I would love to read more about your China experience....

My email is

Amie said...

Too cute. What a day Dad had!!!!

Love the adorable scrap pages...


Anonymous said...

Yeah - how fun! Glad we inspired you! Thanks for the mention on your beautiful blog!

Jennifer, mommy to Adrienne

Ronda said...

Great idea. Chinese food, smores and golf-fun, fun, fun.