Monday, February 25, 2008

My Baby Doll

I haven't had anything to post since our disappointing news last week. I wanted to change the mood a bit, so I am posting one of my scrapbook pages of Mia. Everywhere I go, people stop me to tell me what a baby doll she is. I know I'm biased, but I think she's a baby doll, too.


mommy24treasures said...

beautiful! Truly lovely.

Leslie said...

Michelle, Your doing so good with your digital scrapbook pages. What a doll baby she is. So beautiful. Both your girls are.

I saw just tonight your post about prayers, but had to wait to get the girls in bed to post. Sorry it's taking me so long. I've been busy with that blurb. It's very time consuming. Anway, what a sad post to read. That director should have thought more about her decission before saying yes, and then No. So now this precious child is missing out on something that could be a once in a lifetime chance for her. Tell your DH that my DH will go with him to bust her out of there...LOL. I pray that something wonderful happens to this precious child. Adoption is on the top of that prayer. Sorry for your hurt, and let me know if you hear anything else about her. It really all just stinks. Shame on the director.

ADELE said...

Yes, she is definitely a doll!! I just read your post about your prayer request. This just breaks my heart as well. I am so sorry this has happened. How devestating to that precious child who was also probably looking forward to getting to come to your home with your family. I know you all are upset as well. I will pray for peace. I just can't imagine why that woman would make a decision that would hurt so many people. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop in and say hi, and thanks for sharing your blog with me. Love this beautiful post. And again, I'm so sorry about your disappointment regarding that precious child's visit.

Jennifer, mommy to Adrienne

Chris & Deb said...

hi Michelle-
profound apologies for this very delayed response to your question about our Tamron 17-50 lens! No excuses....just completely forgot to reply!
The 17-50 is the only lens I use (right now), but I'd love to have something like your 18-300. The 17-50 is really a nice lens, but occasionally I wish that I'd initially purchased a lens with a broader range.
Don't get me wrong though, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the 17-50-I've been extremely pleased.
Thank you so much for your kind remarks with respect to our photograph! Let me know what you ultimately decide about the lens!

living4him5 said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you for checking out my blog and our website. I have made your blog a favorite!! Our daughter Linzhi is from the Jiangsu province too. She was born 1-31-05, our gotcha day was 11-19-07. I don't see many kiddos from Jiangsu so this is exciting! Linzhi was in the Xu Zhou orpahnage (mostly special needs). We stayed in the city of Nanjing. Where did you stay?


Kerry said...

Beautiful scrapbook page, Michelle. And adorable little subject. I love her little pose. Gracie has that same doll and loves loves her!
Thank you for sharing. You inspired me to get back to digital scraping. What program are you using.