Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No Santa No!

Next year, I think Mia will regret telling Santa repeatedly to "go away", but she does not have any warm greetings for him this year. She is terrified of him. And it doesn't have to be a live person. If she sees a little decorative Santa sitting on a table, she starts climbing up my leg in fear. We went to the mall this morning to finish up some shopping and let me tell you, there are Santa displays everywhere. I rented a red car stroller for our shopping excursion and after I turned it back in, Mia wanted to be held the rest of the way to the car. I had half the length of the mall to go, with Mia in one arm and my 10 lb. purse and shopping bags in the other! I put her down for a moment to take the above photo. Mind you, this was after we saw "the real" Santa about 10 minutes before. I even tried to steer clear of him, but Mia saw him from a distance and started crying. On Christmas morning, Mia may be excited to see the presents, but we won't be telling her that Santa brought them. At least for this year...

Mia is a little happier earlier today, when she posed in front of the girls' special tree. This small tree only has ornaments that we bought in Moscow & Beijing.

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