Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Slip Sliding Away

Contrary to us trying to teach her otherwise, Mia doesn't crawl down the stairs on her belly. She slides. (She doesn't do this very often, though.)

Ok, Mom. Here's the post you requested. It's not Mia's fastest, but I love Jorge & Lucy at the end. Who knew Thanksgiving entertainment could be so simple? We can take this show on the road. :-)

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Denise Sierra said...

Hello Michelle, Nolan, Leila and Mia--

Just spent the last hour looking at the awesome pictures and reading all the stories around them...what memories. We received your card in the mail today and could not wait to go on line and catch up on the Raines family. The girls are darlings and getting to big too fast. May your family have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Years.

Take care,
Denise Sierra