Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Two Month Anniversary to Us!

Today is the two month anniversary of our adoption of Mia! On one hand, it seems like she has been with us forever. On the other hand, we are still trying to work through new sleep schedules, new routines and two months seems about right. Whatever the case, it has been a WONDERFUL two months filled with many precious moments. We wanted to take the girls swimming this morning. This was to be Mia's first time. Leila is our little fish that loves to swim. She's taken many lessons and can jump off the diving board and go down the big slides. Unfortunately, when we arrived at our club, the pool was closed due to excess chemicals. Instead, we took the girls bowling. I was never a germ freak until I became a mother. Now, I don't leave the house without at least three types of hand sanitizer stuffed in my bag. I must admit that bowling alleys gross me out - sharing shoes and bowling balls - YUCK! But, we had a GREAT time! This was our second time taking Leila and she really enjoys it and we have a great time cheering for each other. In fact, Mia was our loudest cheerleader. She cheered at the top of her lungs. Not words, but we could tell that is what she was trying to do. It was quite funny for us, although maybe not for the two men trying to do some serious bowling next to us. And a smoke-free bowling facility - bonus!!

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