Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Black & White Wednesday

the long road

My mom and I took the girls to the circus on Friday. I remember not too long ago when I used to check Ticketmaster every week to check on the latest kids shows coming to town. Well, I just can't seem to keep up with it all anymore and I nearly missed this circus this year. In fact, I didn't purchase tickets until the night before. In my previous life as a mother of two, that was unheard of for me. I am definitely slipping. :) It's a relatively small and low-budget circus, but the girls especially like this one because of the rides and Leila likes the elephant ride. (Mia has NO desire to ride the elephant yet!) As Kara was getting ready to climb on the elephant - her first time ever - I had to chuckle to myself... it was just nine months ago that we were in China asking Kara if she wanted to ride the pony at the Nanning zoo and she told us it was not safe. Ha! Now, she's climbing on an elephant! (And BTW, they actually had an elephant and camel ride at the Nanning zoo that I quickly passed because they totally didn't look safe!!

The big slide was definitely the hit of the day. There were few lines, so the girls would ride down - each time holding hands - and run out the exit and back through the entrance to go down again. I bet they rode the slide at least 30 times.

BTW, I didn't use a flash and instead used high ISO, but at f/4, I couldn't get
my shutter speed fast enough to freeze the action completely. I still like the looks I was able to capture on their faces, though. Each time down, they looked this happy. :)
And of course, a carousel.
And this happens to be my favorite of the day, but my mom hates to have her picture posted. I'm hoping that she'll forgive me more easily if I bury this photo last. :) Leila and I are both scared of heights, so I'm glad my mom stepped up to the plate to ride the ferris wheel with Kara. Thanks, Mom!

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Lula Lola said...

Great pictures! I especially love the ones on the slide! Their expressions capture how childhood is supposed to feel!

Love Letters To China said...


These pictures are wonderful. I absolutely love the girls going down the slide. You really captured the joy in their expressions.

Happy Wednesday!

Jboo said...

Beautiful photos! Thinking that I would be afraid to ride the elephant!

Love the looks on the girls faces coming down the slide!

Your Mom is so pretty with your sweet girl in that photo!


Gail said...

All of these are fabulous black and whites Michelle!!!! I especially love them coming down the slide and the elephant one. And I'm also afraid of heights!

Anonymous said...

Love your black and whites this week! I have such fun memories of elephant rides at the circus:)

Love, love the ones of them on the big slide - that is my favorite too!


Norah said...

I LOVE the slide pictures. What joy!

Wanda said...

Love all of these captures of the fun that was had but I crrraaaazy about the slide pictures. Those are priceless.

I could see those framed along a hallway. They're great!

Love your family. (And you mean it would be even more forgetfullness with one more. Ha, I can't imagine!)

The Sanders Family said...

Lovely black & whites. Looks like so much fun!!! Especially the slide! And the elephant. Well, I guess all of it! :)

Donna said...

I love the slide pics! I always see the best smiles at the bottom of the slide. Beautiful faces!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Maryvel Friesen said...

Wow! It looks like you sure know how to have fun! The pictures are all great! Thanks for sharing!

Sephysmomma said...

Great shots! You can tell that they had a lot of fun.

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Love these pictures...and the slide ones are so much fun!! Their expressions are great. must be getting tired of my questions if you added it right in the blog;) Just shows what a great photographer you really are!!

kerri said...

fantastic, fun photos!!
The elephant ride, what a blast!!

M3 said...

Beautiful pictures, love the expressions! And tell your mom she looks awesome.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Great photos and what fun!! Love the slide ones!

Marla said...

Awesome pictures Michelle, it's obvious that they were having a total blast!! Your mom is beautiful!

Kim said...

Love the slide photos but then again, all your photos are awesome!

Stacy said...

Your mother is beautiful!!!

Wanted to let you know that my type A personality has slid a little with the third!!! I had to chuckle when you said you bought your tickets the night before- I can relate:)