Monday, February 22, 2010

And They Danced...

And danced... and danced... and danced some more. Our weekend consisted of dance class, followed by dance performances at two local Chinese New Year events. And while it made for a busy weekend, I enjoyed every minute of it! This was my first real time sitting and watching the girls on stage and let me tell you, I was nervous. The first performance was in a filled auditorium and it was a really large crowd - especially for Mia who has never performed in front of an audience before. I had no idea what to expect - especially from her. But at the same time, I was SO excited to see them perform! I had been looking forward to this since they started their classes months ago. I am so proud of Kara and Mia, along with all of the other girls in their class. They had some big audiences to perform in front of and they all did such a great job!

Here's Kara, as she is getting ready to perform her first time. She told me her heart was beating really loudly at this point, but that she had performed in front of audiences larger than this in China. (She represented the orphanage at dance performances in Nanning.)
CNY 2010-23

CNY 2010-22
CNY 2010-19

CNY 2010-21
CNY 2010-17CNY 2010-13
And Mia's class takes stage. Mia is third from the right.
CNY 2010
As soon as she started dancing, her hat fell so low, we could barely see her eyes.
CNY 2010-4
We were cracking up in the audience. It keeps dropping lower and lower...
CNY 2010-5
...until it finally falls around her neck. I was laughing so hard, I didn't get that shot.
I so wish I had - it was hilarious!
CNY 2010-7
This is about the only 20 seconds in the routine where I could actually see her eyes.
CNY 2010-9
And as soon as it was over, she was done with her hat. :)
CNY 2010-10
I won't bore you with more pictures from Sunday's event. Fortunately, there were no more wardrobe malfunctions the next day. All went well and the event was terrific! I will, however, post a pic of all three girls on Sunday. (I always get asked where I find matching outfits. I purchased these in China in July.)
CNY 2010-12
Kara has another performance this weekend, but Mia is done for a while. I can't promise I won't post more pictures. Remember, this is my first time as a Dance Mom. :)


Sarah said...

Hey, DANCE MOM! I loved looking at your photos on facebook when we were on our way home from the (insert town name) Chinese Family and Friends CNY party. At the stoplights I'd hand my phone over to my husband and say... "look, honey... look at these beautiful dance costumes!" Kevin was really impressed not only by the costumes, but by your white backdrop.

At the party we attended, we sat near where the families lined up and Hannah got in line with the four year olds and started to climb the stairs on stage with them. Daddy had to run and bring her back to the table.

Sometime message me and let me know if your niece attends Chinese school and if they like it. We'd like Hannah to start going when she's three... but I'd like to hear some more reviews of it from families.

Mama Melissa said...

OH MY GOODNESS how unbelievably fun and great is that!!!! We didn't do a CNY party this year, but I really hope to get started next year. You've also inspired me to call our local Chinese school to see if my Mia can get enrolled... :) Yeah!!

LOVE the pictures!!!!

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Shanti said...


Shirlee McCoy said...

Wow! Such beautiful photos!

And beautiful girls!

And at talented photographer/Dance Mom. :0)

snekcip said...

Gorgeous photos!!! Mia was hilarious!! Please keep posting pics!!! I love each and every one of them!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!

Norah said...

They looked great and you had me cracking up about Mia's hat...hehehe.

JinXiu said...

Your pictures are enchanting

Im not sure what impresses me more. the beauty and grace your georgous daughters show in their faces and actions. Of the increadable sharpness and beauty of your fantastic photography

brova to all


Colleen said...

Michelle!!!!! I loved these pictures!!! I had no idea your girls were in dance!!! Do they attend a chinese dance class? I love it!!!!! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures. You have me inspired...wonder if there is a class near me?

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Post away my friend.... the more pics the better:) The girls are gorgeous.....and I love all the pictures. The progression of her hat falling was so cute....the poor thing couldn't see, but she kept going!!

Good luck to Kara this week.



day by day said...

Oh, my goodness....just beautiful!!! You must have been so proud!! I have been a dance mommy for 17 years and I can tell you that I am always a nervous wreck as I watch from the audience. It is not that I care if they don't do well...just knowing how upset they would be if things did not go as planned.

thanks for sharing these pictures...loved them all!!


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Very cool! And very funny about the hat. I would have been laughing so hard that all the pictures would have been a blur! ha

SoyJoyChina said...

Oh, these are awesome!! I wish I could Tessa in some classes like these. Beautiful pictures and the girls looks liked they performed really well!!
Tessa's Mom