Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Joy to the World

I can't believe we are just 10 days away from Christmas!! Does anyone else get antsy waiting for the mail carrier to come this time of year? I do and it seems like she is running at least two hours behind schedule every day. I just love Christmas cards. I love seeing all of my friends' beautiful kids and seeing how they have changed from one year to the next, and I love reading about what everyone has been up to. Even blogging and Facebook can't replace those pretty cards that comes in the mail only once a year.

Speaking of how much kids change from one year to the next, I tried to re-create my favorite shot from last year (as pictured below).

December 2008

1208 ChristmasPost1

December 2009

Dec 09 Joy to the World2

I told her what I was looking for and she started looking up and shouting "Joy to the Lord". It was pretty cute, I have to say.

Is Mia giving the peace sign? Ummmmm, no. She's giving the "two more pictures before we're done" sign. Yes, friends, this was Joy to the World in 10 frames or less. :)

On another topic, I just did my first newborn photo shoot on Sunday night. If you want to take a peek at a few of my favorite shots, pop over here. And while you're there, please let me know if the blog if cutting off the right side of the pictures for you. It isn't on our computers here, but it is for my mom. Not sure how to fix it, but would love to know if anyone else is having the same issue. Thanks!!
Update: Yikes! Now I have learned that the comments aren't working on my photography blog. What is Blogger doing to me?!? My comment settings are correct. :(
Update II: I think I fixed the comments on my other blog. Yay!


Jodee Leader said...

Hi, Michelle. Cute pictures of your sweet girl! They grow up entirely too fast!

I was just on your photography blog and the pictures were cut off on the right. I wanted to leave you a comment but I never could get the comments to come up! Anyhoo -- I love the newborn pictures! She is absolutely perfect! You have such a fun job!

Colleen said...

Hi Michelle!!! Love the pictures!! Your Christmas card is beautiful I love it!!! I am like you I race to the mailbox each day to see the new Christmas cards,
I love the newborn shoot...the pictures are fantastic!!!

Felicia said...

Oh she is such a sweetie. I went over to your photography blog. I can see the pics in full but couldn't leave a comment.

Awesome photography blog

Stefanie said...

Wow! Super pics, over here AND over on your photo blog!!

Stacy said...

Mia is so super cute! I can see the pics on your photo blog just fine :) They are beautiful shots!

Rebekah said...

I just went to the Photography blog, and the pictures were not cut off for me. They are so beautiful!


Jboo said...

Oh my -- those photos are so beautiful! Such a cutie! My almost 8 year old will hardly let me take one photo lately!! Best wishes for the holidays to you and your family. Hopping over to your photo blog!


Jboo said...

Me again -- oh my -- your photos are so gorgeous on your photo blog! What a cute family! Some of the photos are cutting off a little on my screen. Wow -- you're an amazing photographer! How do you do it all?


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, Michelle... that family must be so happy with those shots. I love, love, love the third through fifth photos you took.

Oh, and over here, too. *grin*

Amy in Arizona said...


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am just like you...... in fact, I have a post in draft that says almost the same thing. I skip to the mailbox everyday and just can't wait to see who's faces are going to be smiling back at me when I open the envelopes!!!

Love these shots of your precious girls......and you know that I ADORE the newborn photos:)

Happy Holidays!!!



Anonymous said...

well - you already know I love your work....you already know I think you are talented:)

also the pictures aren't getting cut off, by when I open the blog the right side of the header is cut off...

hugs, ash

The Roossien Family said...

Hi Michelle! Those newborn pictures are so precious. And of course the pictures of Mia are adorable!! Such a model. I just love looking at your pictures.

You're photography blog is fabulous however your header and the "we picture this" is cut off on the right. Everything else on that right column shows up. Good luck!

BoufMom9 said...

LOVE these photos and what a good girl (destined to be a model for sure) getting it done in so few shots. She's a professional ;)

BoufMom9 said...

Ok, just went over to your photography blog and here's what I saw...
Your header is too large and needs to be resized.
What you need to do is go into the HTML of your blog and check the size of the header and then resize what you have on there to fit (I usually go about 25 less than what it says in the header size).
Most of your pics looks ok, although when I went down further on your blog, you had some that were cut off on the right.
Again, this is a problem with your HTML.
Are you adding the pics through photobucket or straight through blogger? I ask because when you add them through photobucket (or a sight like that)they are sized a bit larger. You can go into your HTML for your blog and increase the main section to a larger HTML to accomodate the bigger photos.
(if you need help with this, just shoot me an email.)
:) Debi
ps Your photos are GORGEOUS!

Adoption Momma said...


You have a beautiful family. I'm really late with this but wanted to let you know I received the dress from the auction fundraiser and love it. It's beautiful. I hope our future daughter (LID 7/7/06) will wear it someday.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family!