Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Baby Turns 4 (sniff, sniff)

Most every woman I know has birthdays that they dread. Usually ones that end in an "0". But this time, my thoughts have not been on my own aging process, but rather that of my baby. I don't know why I am so emotional that Mia turns four today. She looks and acts the same today as she did yesterday, but it's just something about her turning four that makes me think the clock is going to start speeding up even faster. And on these days especially, I think of the woman on the other side of the world who may be emotional today as well, only for very different reasons. I pray that the Lord may comfort her and put peace in her heart to know that her baby is well cared for and loved by so many people. Loved greatly by so very many people.

Mia Bday

Since I haven't yet figured out a way to stop the clock... or even a simple pause... I want to hold on to this time with her. I am so thankful that I am home with her full-time now to enjoy this precious time with her. They are only young once and these days go by so quickly. We're doing a very low-key celebration today, with the party happening this weekend. Her favorite bunnies, Max & Ruby, are coming to help her celebrate.

Happy Birthday, my little birthday girl!!! Oh, how I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I thank God every single day for blessing me with the privilege of being your Mommy.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday precious Mia!

I know how you feel, my son Max turns 4 on the 27th.

Your family is precious!


Jen said...

Oh Michelle, I know exactly how you feel!!! I felt the same way when Marin turned 4. And I am already dreading her birthday in Dec when she turns 5!! NOOOO, not 5!!!! Anyway, cherish this day with your precious Mia!!
Happy Birthday!

Gail said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet pea!!! I know her day will be special...

Will is going to be 4 on Christmas Day...where does the time go?

Gorgeous pic as always!

JG said...

How sweet! Happy birthday Mia!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Happy birthday Mia!!! Have a great time:)

day by day said...


I have to tell you I had a very hard time with the age of 4, too!! Don't know what it is about that age...it just sounded sooo much older than 3!!! Now, Ella will be 5 next month and I am not struggling with that near as much as 4. Go figure!

Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet girl!!

and I always tell my kids that no matter how old they are, they will ALWAYS be my baby!!!

LaLa said...

Oh, I love FOUR!!!! Annslee is turning FIVE next week and I am on the verge of tears it seems! Her party is this weekend too but no M&R...she still loves that show but I can't stand it (where are their parents?although with their whining I don't blame them for bolting LOL)

I hope she has a GREAT day and she is such a beautiful birthday girl!!!

Jboo said...

Happy birthday to your sweet baby! Four is such a fun age! Have a great celebration!


Missy said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Mia!!! Love on your Mommy a lot, because she is sad to see you grow (I'm the same way :( Have a fun Birthday Party!!!
Missy and Paige

Shawnstribe said...

Oh Happy Birthday Mia and Michelle mega (((((((HUGS)))))))))).
X X judt turned 4 and it's only her second birthday with us and it still breaks my heart ;(
Please stop the clock!!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA!!!! Wow - I bet you are so super excited about your birthday and your party this weekend. I am sure your Mommy will post all the pictures of you with Max and Ruby:)

Happy Birthday! Love, Ashley

PS - Michelle I am sending a big box of tissues your way;)

Joe and Jane said...

Happy birthday Mia!

(I know, turning 4 is SO different than being 3 for some reason.)

Jodee Leader said...

What a sweet post! Happy birthday to your baby! I felt the same way when Kamree turned 3, however, I am sure 4 is going to be even worse!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Mia!

Marla said...

Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl! She has one great mama!

Felicia said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Mia!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday, Mia!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday to your sweet Mia! :)

Hope your little Sunshine had a great day.