Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last Day in Nanning

Yesterday was our last day in Nanning. We spent our rainy morning visiting the Green Mountain. It looked like a beautiful place to explore on a sunny day, but unfortunately was pouring by the time we got there. We still got to walk up the 9 floors of the pagoda, visit the Buddhist Temple and feed the fish. I have never seen so many coy fish. They were amazingly loud when they all came up for food at once.

Kara is very smart. She knew much about the Buddhist religion, yet we learned her foster family didn't practice Buddhism. We asked her if she learned it in school. No, she learned it on tv. The same goes for last night's flight... I tried to tell her as much as I could think of before the flight since we wouldn't be able to communicate on the plane. "It's ok", she said. She knew everything about flying. She had learned about it on tv. I thought that her first flight would be an experience for her. Not so. She was so into reading her book that I could barely get her to look out the window when the plane was taking off. She just kind of shrugged like it was no big deal and kept going back to her book. She was, however, fascinated at the view when the plane was descending into Guangzhou. Her eyes were glued to the airplane window when we were landing. Leaving Nanning turned out to be a non-issue for her. She has been going with the flow every day. The biggest issue we have had to face is that she has discovered the word, "no." And as with expressive Chinese language, it's a "no" with attitude. I'm trying to work through that one. Other than that, we are all doing very well.

We arrived about 11:30 pm at the hotel last night and checked into our hotel - both rooms complete with cribs. The Majestic in Nanning also had a crib for us. Ummmmm.... I don't think we'll be needing those, unless it's to hold all of my Guangzhou shopping packages like it did for us last time. :)


Rebecca said...

What a huge blessing that she's already familiar with flying!!! She seems like a pretty brave girl (the plane, the shots...) I am sure that same spunk is going to get her through a lot of changes when she comes home, including learning a new language!!

So, she's discovered NO... oh boy. :)

Katie said...

Hi! I just found your blog recently and have been following your journey to your beautiful daughter. It has been so neat to see your pictures of the girls in Nanning because I spent two summers in Nanning teaching English to middle school and high school students. To see your pictures brings back so many memories for me. Thanks for letting me follow along on your blog!