Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Final Full Day in Guangzhou - Consulate Day

It's only noon on our final full day in Guangzhou, but after our 4:00 pm US Consulate appointment this afternoon, we have to pack and get ready to leave early in the morning and I know I won't have time to post tonight. The last two days have been great because we didn't have any appointments and we could let the girls sleep in. But since we have a morning flight to Beijing, tomorrow morning is going to be a bright and early one for all of us.

We haven't done much this morning except do some more retail damage on the island. Tonight's packing is going to be a challenging one.

I received a pleasant surprise today. Kara was part of a trio of girls who appeared to be the best of friends by all of the pictures we have of them. We met Lela, who was adopted on the same day as Kara, but we didn't know where the third girl was who appears in so many of Kara's pictures. It turns out, she was adopted three months ago and her mother made contact with me this morning after she read a post I made to the older child adoption Yahoo group. Now the three girls - Kara, Lela and their friend, Hannah, can stay in touch in the states. How wonderful is that!?!

Nolan was not pleased that I purchased the instruments that you see in the pictures this morning, but just like any toy, they have played it to death and have already moved on to something else. :)

Signing off from Guangzhou. Next stop Beijing.


Missy said...

The girls look so adorable in their red, white and blue. Kara must be itty bitty like my Paigee pooh. She is so beautiful and Leila looks so happy, too. What a red thread connection with Hannah! Safe travels!

Faye said...

Hi Michelle,
You look like you are all having fun. I always hurry up and get ready in the morning and run down and look at the blog before I go to work. Gotta get my daily dose of BIOH. I love the red, white and blue dresses. ADORABLE!!!
How awesome is it that Kara will be able to stay in touch with her friends. Modern technology sure has made parts of life so easy now.
I am so happy Kara is getting used to the idea of hugs and kisses. We moms can compromise on many things but that is not one of them. Kisses at bedtime are a must!!
Good luck as you start the last leg of your journey. I hope you all have so much fun. I miss you , my friend and can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Love to you

LaLa said...

Don't they look beautiful...I swear it seems they have been together forever! Hey, Mia will get those instruments going again I am sure LOL

Awesome about Hannah...do the three girls live anywhere near each other?

Safe travels to Beijing!

Stacy said...

I love the dresses! I'm hoping for safe travels and a fun time in Beijing! I love that you have found her friends! That will be a priceless connection. Good luck on the travels!

Rachel said...

How cute are Kara and Leila in their matching red, white, and blue dresses! I'm glad all continues to go well and am so happy that Kara is already showing you affection.

I hope you have uneventful trip to Beijing and enjoy touring there. If you have time, you should definitely go to the huge flea market on the weekend.

Tisha said...


This is my first opportunity to post a comment since you've been in China and I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to you, Nolan, Leila and Mia on the addition of your beautiful daughter, Kara!!!!!!!!!!!! God is good and He is faithful! And He who called you to this adoption, will be faithful each step along the way as you bond and attach with your precious new one. It already appears that Leila and Kara are doing wonderfully and I loved to read about your spontaneous hugs and kisses. As they would say in China, "lucky" mama! :)

I will pray that you can fit all of your "retail therapy" in your luggage. ;) LOL And prayers for smooth travels to Beijing. Let's hope all of the hiccups with traveling are far behind you.

Until Beijing, hugs. . .
P.S. Just love the girls in their matching dresses. :)

Marla said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those cute dresses!! Glad everything is going well and that we able to find her friends here, that is wonderful!

Hope the packing goes well and that you have safe travels!

Courtney said...

Love the picture of the girls in their red,white and blue dresses.

Rebecca said...

Oh my aren't they CUTE in their matching dresses!!!!

Hard to believe the China trip is almost over... although I'm sure it's gone quicker for me than it has for you. :)


Julie L. said...

Great pics, as always! I love the girls' dresses! So patriotic on this July 4th week! :)

Have a great time in Beijing!

Norah said...

Ahhh, the flute. We have a few of them here. M was just playing hers yesterday! My ears hurt!

Joe and Jane said...

What a pool! Yikes! Great photos though.

Kara and Leila seem like they're already so used to each other, how wonderful to see.

Fantastic that you were able to connect with the family of Kara's other friend too. That will be a great lifelong connection.

Happy travels!