Thursday, June 18, 2009

China, Here We Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"WHAT? You're leaving me for HOW MANY days?!?"

Mia Glasses

Wow! I still can't believe we're leaving tomorrow!! Every time I think I am through my checklist, I think of another few items to add to it. I finished up work yesterday and am off for the next 12 weeks, so getting all my projects across the finish line ended up being a very stressful day. All of my projects are done and a great new teammate of mine is going to handle my workload while I'm gone. Now, I can just enjoy the next 12 weeks with my family!! YAY!!

I think the toughest part of all of this is leaving Mia for 17 days. It just breaks my heart thinking about it, and Mia is not taking it well either. I just keep picturing her reaction when her "Da Xin Leila" finally comes home and then it will all be so worth it, but until then, it's going to be rough. At least I know she's going to be in good hands here. She has her own little entourage coming in to take care of her... my mom, my aunt and my mother-in-law. I'm just going to miss my baby so, SO much. I'd like to ask for some specific prayer requests. Of course, any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Please pray for safe travels on all 10 of our flights.

Please pray for healthy travels for us and our fellow passengers. Getting quarantined is a very possible reality for anyone traveling into China right now... even if they are healthy, but another passenger departs the plane with a high temperature. (And that would have been Nolan earlier in the week.)

Please pray for Da Xin and the transition to her new life and family.

Please pray for Mia... that she may come to view staying home as her own little adventure with her Grandma, Nana, Aunt and friends and that our being gone doesn't trigger her night terrors.

Please pray for my mom - who will be with Mia for all 17 days - that she may have the energy and stamina to keep up with our little ball of energy and the patience to get through the trying times when Mia may be crying out for "MommyDaddyLeilaDaXinLeila".

If all goes as planned, my next post will be from CHINA!!! I hear that Blogger may be blocked in China, so I'm trying to figure out a Plan B. Not sure what that is yet.

And since we're leaving tomorrow, I see no harm in making Da Xin's private blog public. Please click here is you would like to see more photos of our beautiful, beautiful girl!

Please note: I haven't done a very good job keeping up with two blogs, so you will find that the info on the private blog is outdated, but all of the pictures that we have of our girl are there. That's all that's important, right? :)



Heather said...

He is in the details...that is all you need to know:)

Mia will be okay. No worries, friend. Yes, it is a long time this moment...but three weeks from now, it will be a memory.

We are praying for all you listed and so much more.

I am so happy Nolan decided to get that pesky fever out of his system earlier and NOT NOW!! HE is in the details...

Love you, girl...cannot wait to see you with your next precious girl, what a treasure.

Love you!

Stacy said...

Michelle- Hope you, Nolan and Leila have a safe trip to get Da Xin! Prayers for you all, and Mia too! God is in control of everything - and he's been faithful for you to travel in June. So, I'm sure he'll continue to bless your journey. Can't wait to hear an update from China when you get there but more importantly when Da Xin meets you :)

Love ya!

Faye said...

Hi Michelle,

Just thinking about you. I will pray for all the things on your list and more. May God Bless your trip and your family. I am waiting anxiously for that first blog from China. Can't wait to see you all with Da Xin.

Much love and many blessings to you


JG said...

Congratulations!! Praying for you and thrilled for your family!!

day by day said...

Oh, how exciting!! Thanks for listing your prayer requests so that we can cover you in prayer!!

Have a wonderful trip, my friend!!!

See ya in China. : )

Donna said...

I'm so thrilled for you! I'll be thinking happy thoughts and checking your blog often for updates!

Happy travels!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Donna said...

Oops... meant to also say that that's a super incredibly cute photo of Mia! Love the cropping, angle and fasion accessories! Swweeeeet!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Sherri & Todd said...

Wow, how exciting. I'm so happy for you! I love the what a great photo.

We will keep you in our prayers, have a wonderful and safe trip and I look forward to following your journey!!


a Tonggu Momma said...

All y'all will get through it! And wow, oh wow is it worth it! Safe travels!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Will keep all of you in thoughts and prayers these next few weeks.....I know as exciting as it is to go meet your girl, you are worried about little Mia. Kids are resilient and she will be just fine with your Mom.....I truly believe the next 17 days will be very special for you said, her own little adventure!!

Hugs sweet friend......can't wait to see you with Da Xin in your arms:) If you need any blogger help, you just let me know:)


Jen said...

WOW.....THE time has FINALLY come!!! How exciting! I am thrilled for you and your family. May God bless you with safe travel, good health and a peace of mind that Mia is doing just fine at home!!!!! Can't wait to "see" you in China!

Marla said...

WOW, how very exciting!! Sweet Mia is going to be fine, I bet she'll be spoiled rotten when you get back. (love that pic, by the way!)

And no, Jacey didn't recognize Da Xin, but she sure thinks she's pretty and loves her hair. :)

Kim said...

My friend Michelle, Nolan, Leila and Da Xin:

Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. - Joshua 1:9

Prayers for safe travel and that the Lord God will be with you all every step of the way until He sees you safely home!

Can't wait to read about adoption day on Monday!!


Gail said...

Michelle, I'll be praying for all your will all work out.

Can't wait to see you with your beautiful oldest daughter. Safe travels my friend...see you from China!

Sammy said...

Mia will probably have a great time. Enjoy the trip.

Terry said...

WOW - this post is precious and I will gladly add your list for prayers - they were already there, just waiting for travel. I have been the bad blogger, so I am glad that I caught this one and wish you all the best for a safe and wonderful journey! Can't wait to see you hugging her! Thank you for sharing your journey!!

Chris and Deb said...

Oh will be in my thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks.....can't wait to see Da Xin join your family. She looks like such a joy!

Blessings to you all!

Beth said...

Safe travels.....can't wait to read about your journey!!

Rebecca said...

Michelle... I am so excited and full of unspeakable joy for you and your family!! Wow, it's happening TODAY! You are getting on that plane and getting your daughter - finally! I know God will continue to open doors for you because I KNOW this is all in His perfect plan! Rest in Him and know that my prayers are with you for the next 17 days. Can't wait to hear more about Da Xin.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!! You guys are finally on your way and in a little over 2 weeks you will be a complete family of 5!!!

Before I even stepped out of bed today I said a prayer for safe travels today. I also hope you don't' mind that I am going to post your prayer requests on my blog. I don't get tons of visitors, but I thought any extra prayer warriors would be great:)

Oh I am so incredibly excited for you and of course I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Blessings, Hugs, Joy and Love, Ashley

LaLa said...

Sending you love and prayers as you journey to your daughter. I can't imagine the worry of leaving Mia but good to know she is in good hands. Hope the transition is smooth and that you or someone else can post...we can't wait 2 weeks! : )

Norah said...

Oh my goodness, I am beyond thrilled for you! I will be thinking of you and all of your family. You can do it!!!!

LaLa said...

Sending you love and prayers as you journey to your daughter. I can't imagine the worry of leaving Mia but good to know she is in good hands. Hope the transition is smooth and that you or someone else can post...we can't wait 2 weeks! : )

Jessica said...

Will be keeping you all in my prayers. Safe travels and looking forward to hearing about the moment your sweet little girl joins her forever family.


Global Girl said...

Have an incredible time. Safe travels :)

Tisha said...


I SO hope I haven't missed you before you leave. I've been thinking about you and praying for you ALL week. I had to go out of town for a couple of days or I would have checked in sooner. You can put a big check next to all of your prayer requests because we've got 'em covered! Even before you had a single one of those requests, God had an answer for every ONE! Leave your worries with the Lord and enjoy His blessings.

Can't wait to see you in China with your arms around Da Xin!!!!

With love,

Joe and Jane said...

Happy travels! Prayers heading your way for all of you!

Felicia said...

Have a wonderful trip. God will take care of everything.

Praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you are checking in while you are away - or even if you can. But know that you are in my thoughts! So excited for you!!