Friday, May 08, 2009

A Zoopendous Day!

Mia had not one, but two, playgroups today. We started off with our weekly neighborhood playgroup, which Mia and I always look forward to. Then, it was off to the zoo to meet our FCC playgroup.

Attempting to take a picture of 13 three- and four-year olds is nearly impossible. The whole sequence of photos I took was pretty darn funny, but I'll just post the best ones. (i.e. all 13 kids were in the photo.) There was always one child running in or out or a mom in the picture as she ushered her child back in. Oh, what cute little girls they are!! And may I just say that I think all 15 of the kids (two siblings not pictured in the group shot) did amazingly well, especially considering this was during naptime for most of them.

Can you tell by these photos that I have a future "class clown" on my hands? lol





This is a "What were we thinking?" moment. This was even worse than the group shot.


Mia watching the baby elephant through the glass.


Just some of the beauties that were there...

050809 PlaygroupZoo

050809 Playgroupzoo2

What a fun day!! And, to top it off, we get to see many of these girls and their moms again tomorrow morning for Chinese class and group photos for the 2010 FCC calendar.

BTW, thanks so much for all of your comments and support on my last post. I am thrilled to say that I was in contact with a friend of mine who met some families with children close to Leila's age that were also adopted from Russia. I am going to get their contact info and hopefully set something up. Maybe we can set up a larger group in our community, starting with these few families. That would be wonderful!

If I don't get around to posting any more this weekend, this photo reminds me to wish you all




Missy said...

What gorgeous little girls!!! I can only imagine how difficult it was to get a group shot, but I think they were SOOO cute. Ummm, yes, Mia will most def. be a class clown :) She is so full of life. I hope you have an incredible Mother's Day, Michelle!!!

day by day said...

Oh, my goodness...that is a whole lot of cuteness there!!!!

lol... about your class clown! : )

Happy Mom's Day, Michelle!!!!

JG said...

What a fun day! Mia's certainly got a fun personality :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Felicia said...

What darling photos and what a cute play group. The girls are all so sweet and I love that last picture of the elephant and her baby.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Stacy said...

It was a great day! See you soon for more fun and pictures :)

mommy24treasures said...

look at all of those adorble children! I bet you just keep a smile on your face being around them all!
And that baby elephant oh my! TOO CUTE!
Happy Mother's Day Michelle

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my!!! Look at all those cute little girls.....the pictures of them all lined up are adorable....great shots!! And yes, you do look like you might have a class clown on your hands.....she is too cute for words!!

Have a Happy Mother's Day my friend:)


Marla said...

Look at all those cuties in one picture! What a fun day!!! Happy Mother's Day to you, enjoy.

Heather said...

Really...could they be any cuter???

Hope you are having an incredible weekend, Momma!


Ivy said...

Happy Mommy's Day.

day by day said...

Hi Michelle!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! Hope you are enjoying your day. : )


Leslie said...

When are we going to have our playdate??? I want to laugh and laugh at Little She is so darn cute!!!

Happy Mother's Day to you Dear Friend!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day!! Hope you enjoy your day with your two (almost three)precious girls!

Hugs, Ashley

Joe and Jane said...

Hilarious! Mia definitely stands out among the crowd! And Happy Mother's DAY!!