Friday, May 29, 2009

New Photos of Da Xin!!!!!!!

I really had the feeling we would receive our TA this week, but nothing yet. However, we did receive a wonderful gift in the mail today. Praise the Lord!!!!!!

We received Da Xin's original letter (as translated two posts below) and four new photos of our BEAUTIFUL girl!!! Due to our agency restrictions, I am not allowed to post any photos of Da Xin on a public blog, so I have posted the new photos on my private blog. If I "know" you and you do not have access, please leave me your email address and I'll send you an invite. All of the pictures that we have received thus far are posted there.

One of the new photos was taken with her foster family. What a blessing it is to receive this. We would LOVE to meet them, but do not know if that will be possible for us. We have hinted to this in all of our letters to Da Xin, but have been told the orphanage will not arrange this for us. We shall wait and see... I am going to frame this picture of her with her foster family and put it in her room this weekend. We are so thankful for these wonderful people who have taken Da Xin in and treated her as one of their family for more than 4 1/2 years.. It is so obvious that she has been well-loved and cared for. And when she said they dressed her well, she wasn't exaggerating. She has been extremely well dressed in every photo.

Da Xin looks so very happy and healthy in every photo. Again, thank you, God!! We even received a photo of her in a ballerina-type costume performing at what appears to be a dance recital. Oh, what a wonderful gift. Now, if only we could get that TA so we could go over and get our girl!!!!! We just can't wait to be with her. But it does give me such peace to know that she is in such great hands until we can be together.

Here is a copy of the second letter she wrote to us. I still stand in awe of her beautiful penmanship! This just looks so difficult to me... and impressive.

Watermark (1 of 1)-5


Kate said...

I would love to be able to see your sweet girl!!! I really hope next week brings happy news (TA!)...but oh how precious these pictures and letters will be to you all forever...


Her writing is beautiful!!! :-)

Jboo said...

Oh wow!! How exciting and wonderful for you to hear from her! She does have beautiful penmanship! You'll be floating on air all weekend, won't you!


Jen said...

Hey Michelle, How exciting for your!!! Yes, Yes, Yes....I would love to be "invitied" to your private blog so that I can see your Beautiful new daughter!!! I LOVE HER writing!! That letter is frame worthy!! Here's praying for your TA next week!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I would love to have a look at the photos... how exciting it all is... can't wait for my turn...

Terry said...

Your daughter has such a wonderful heart! She seems so excited to see you, just as you are to see her. I would love to be included and see the pictures of your amazing daughter.
I hope that next week brings your travel approval!!

And you were pretty brave going in the water - I would have been OK with holding the little frog.....but the other guys, ummmm, No! Great boots too :-)

Denise said...

Michelle, that is wonderful! I would love to see the pics~

Angie said...

I would love to see the pictures!I keep hoping to see her pictures when we see Rob and Shelly but haven't gotten a chance to get together with them lately!
We're planning a visit soon with them!

MissJubilee said...

Wow, that's so great! My neighbor, who is in 6th grade, read the letter and tried to explain what that "moral character" class is. What I got from her explanation (her English and my Chinese are both only so-so, though for a 6th grader she's pretty darn good!) is they learn things like that it's not good to spit while walking down the street (and other manners, I assume), about China and Japan's ancient feud/wars (she even has a text book about it), and that when she's in grade 7, the new teacher will make them write a letter to their old teacher (presumably to learn how to write nice letters).

I can't wait to see photos when you get to meet Da Xin and, yes, her foster family, and bring her home! :)

ADELE said...

Wow, I love her penmanship! Beautiful! I would love to see pictures of your precious daughter.
I am so excited for you and I know you can hardly wait to bring her home. Know that you are in my prayers.

Norah said...

I would love and appreciate an invite!