Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our LOA Is On Its Way!!

Nolan just got back from dropping off our signed LOA to FedEx. Our agency said that we should be traveling 8-10 weeks from when the CCAA receives our signed LOA, so that would put us traveling around my earlier estimate of late June. Oh, lots and lots to do in those 8-10 weeks!

When I received the LOA today, our agency enclosed the original copy of Da Xin's letter and drawing. (I had only received a translated and scanned copy via email.) It was such an emotional experience to open up the envelope and just sit and hold the letter and picture that I know she touched not long ago. After the past week, my adoption hormones are raging out of control right now. LOL

It seems like forever since I have posted some pics, so I couldn't miss posting our Easter weekend activities. I've gotten so far behind in scrapbooking that this blog is it.

On Friday, we took Nana to the conservatory.


On Saturday, we went on an Easter Egg Hunt at the club. (And one of us fell in the mud.)


We played games.


We saw lots of animals up close and personal.



And certain Dads got spooked by a certain flamingo. :)


The girls and their Nana wore silly hats.


We took pictures of our three daughters for this month's We Picture This theme.


Sorry, I have to blur out Da Xin's face due to agency restrictions.



We painted eggs.


And the most important part of our weekend was celebrating our Risen Savior!!


And please believe me when I say I did not pre-plan my outfit to match theirs. I promise!


Felicia said...

What beautiful pics. Love their dresses. Yes, LOA baby. You'd better start packing!!

Ohilda said...

I love it! Love the outfits, love the girls, love ALL the pictures, love your beautiful family.

Marla said...

Oh happy day! I know the excitement going on in your house.
Great pictures, matching outfits and all! :o)

Sharon said...

Gorgeous shot (except for that lizard!) I LOVE those matching outfits. I hope you do it on purpose next time just becaue its so cute!!!

Read below. You are under some kind of lucky star. or just blessed during this roller coaster ride. haha

So cool!! Keep letting us know all the details! Thank you for sharing this whole beautiful thing!

ADELE said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I just love all of these pictures. Your girls are precious and they are going to just love their new sister. I can hardly wait to see the three of them together. What a precious family you have. I always love seeing what you all are up to.
That yellow looking snake would have had me running out the door. I don't like snakes of any sort. LOL!
Glad you all had a wonderful Easter!
I love the dresses!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Congrats on your LOA heading off to China! Wonderful news! (And I might possibly not believe you about the outfits. LOL.)

Jboo said...

Yay on the LOA!! What great photos -- that looks like it was fun - except for that scary snake!

You have such a lovely family. Love the girls dresses and your outfit too -- those colors are beautiful!


Julia said...

I can't believe you'll be there as early as June. Love the pics of your Easter weekend! I think that Flamingo flapping (and especially the albino snake) would have startled me too!

Terry said...

What beautiful pictures of your family! I loved their dresses too.
So excited for you on your LOA and upcoming travel plans ~ don't panic, just pack ! :-)

MommyBrec said...

Your pictures are just beautiful! Congrats on the LOA! WOOHOO!!!!! This is so exciting for you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a special weekend! Love the pictures of all your daughters:)