Friday, March 13, 2009

Footwear Friday

OK, an odd name for a post, right? But I couldn't resist. Mia and I went shoe shopping earlier this week for a cute new pair of spring shoes. I was looking for a cute pair of C*onverse prints, but found these instead. I LOVE bright, bold prints!! I wasn't sure if Mia would go for them, but it was love at first sight for her. She was so upset she couldn't wear them out of the store.

I downloaded the free 30-day trial for Lightroom 2.0 and was so excited to finally be able to take some photos in RAW. I test shot some things around the house yesterday, comparing the RAW file to jpgs and there is definitely a noticable difference between the two files. I just can't shoot too many things in that format, though, as it kills my memory card and hard drive with each file running 20 MB. Yikes! Here are the first photos from my RAW/Lightroom practice shoot.

20090313_25 640

20090313_19 649



20090313_15 640

Poor Leila hasn't been getting much air time on the blog lately, simply because she's at school and I spend more time with Mia during the day. So, I just had to post a pic of my other sweetie. I just love how her eyes catch the light.

20090312_6 640

We are going to see Point of Grace and 33 Miles in concert tonight while a babysitter takes the girls to see two Christian groups geared for kids. It should be a fun night for all!


Anonymous said...

LOVE Miss Mia's sense of style - right on!

Have fun tonight!


Gail said...

Well little Mia is one stylin' girl...I love bright prints too. I think shooting in RAW and using Lightroom turned out fabulous Michelle. I have Lightroom, just haven't had the time yet to venture into it.

Have a great time tonight. :)


Jboo said...

Wow! Those are some stylish shoes - so pretty! Have a great weekend!


Lori Lynn said...

I totally LOVE the shoes! Your pictures are great. I started shooting RAW last week and am loving the trial version of Lightroom. Are you saving the files in both raw and jpeg or just raw? That might explain why it is using so much memory. You don't need the jpeg version.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Those boots are SO CUTE....I LOVE the bright colors!!

Don't you just love Lightroom.....what a difference those RAW files make.

Awesome catchlights in Leila's eyes....she is so pretty!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Joe and Jane said...

Cute cute cute shoes! SO spunky!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Wonder if they make those boots in my size?! Adorable, as is the model. Beautiful picture of Leila.

Hope all is well and that you enjoy the concert.


Felicia said...

Love those boots, they are too cute. Enjoy your weekend.

Faye said...

Love the shoes. Adorable

day by day said...

Hey Michelle!

Those shoes are great!!

I love Point of Grace...hope you have a wonderful time.

Enjoy your week-end!!

Anonymous said...

Those are some fancy boots!! Love the pics.!

Rebecca said...

Hey! Look at you, all shooting in RAW and stuff. :) These are SOOOOO fabulous! I noticed a visible difference too... mostly in the depth and detail of my photos. I don't think I could go back! Go buy yourself a big memory card and stick with it. :) We will have to compare notes with our LR post-processing... I love getting ideas from other people!!!

And I am SERIOUSLY loving those shoes. SERIOUSLY. Do they make them in adult size? :)

Missy said...

Cute em'. I haven't ventured out and shot in RAW yet, but plan to now that I have a new harddrive. Your pics are beautiful!

LaLa said...

Great pics of your beautiful girls!!

I love Point of Grace..have fun!!!

Super Mommy said...

Gorgy footwear! Your little Mia is adorable!

Steffie B. said...

great pictures and the boots are darling and so fun for Spring....I think the pictures look great!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes were made for walkin' and being photographed!