Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're DTC, Baby!!!

Oh yeah, today is an exciting day! Our dossier is finally on its way to China!! Oh, happy dance, happy dance. For someone who never thought she would be paper-chasing again, I am so glad to have this part completed. It is such a weight off my shoulders. Plus, I just sent in our 11th and final week of adoption homework required by our agency. YEAH!! Now, it is starting to become so real - that in the next six or so months we will be traveling to China to bring home our daughter. That we will soon have a "tween" daughter in our house. Yikes!!

Our dossier - Each document handled four times: 1) Signed by us and a notary; 2) Signed by the County Clerk to verify the notary (an extra step in our state); 3) Secretary of State Seal; and 4) Chinese Embassy Seal.


Mia walks around the house these days saying she wants her "udder Da Xin (Da Sheen) Leila." She calls her "her other Leila", because in Mia's mind, Leila means sister. It is so cute.

And whenever Leila draws our family now, she includes Da Xin in the picture. Here is a recent picture of us going for a swim (apparently in shoulder pads). :) Da Xin has the long braids.

Leila Picture001

And because it is all finally becoming so real, I broke down and purchased a duvet cover and shams for her bedroom last night. I know I said I wanted to wait and ask her favorite color, but I lack patience and surely one of these colors will work! I really wanted to bring red into her room and I saw this one and knew it was perfect. (Thanks, P*B Teen! And Tisha - You'll love this... it's called the K*ensington Floral pattern!) I'm going to pull out the pink and red accents, not the blue like in the picture. Oh, the creative juices are flowing. I hope when it arrives in the mail I'll like the real thing. I thought it looked girly, but appropriate for an 11-year old.

On the dresser in this picture, you can see little Asian dolls. In the picture in the catalog, it has a matrioshka doll sitting on the bed. How appropriate is that!?!

pbteen bedding

Thanks to everyone for your support during this adoption. I really do feel your prayers. Please continue to pray that God prepares Da Xin's heart for this adoption and prepares her foster family as well. She has been with them for more than four years.

As of today, our agency said it is running at least six months from LID to travel. That means we may be missing her 11th birthday in early June. But I know it will be in God's time. And if He wants us to be with her on her birthday, we will be. I am still praying for that.

The next exciting step is that she will be told about us after we are logged in. She doesn't yet know she has a forever family waiting for her. After LID, we can send our first care package. I have been collecting things for a few months to send to her. Oh, I can't wait to get to deliver that package to the post office!! Oh, happy day!


Colleen said...

Congratulations on being DTC!!! What a wonderful feeling....{{{{hug}}} The bedroom set is beautiful!!!

Lori Lynn said...

Congratulations! I cannot wait to follow along with your adventure.

Lori W

Marla said...

Oh what a happy, exciting post. The bedroom will be just perfect.

mommy24treasures said...

congrats. I will be praying for all of you.

I love the family drawing. Its beautiful.

Felicia said...

Oh happy day! That's wonderful...congrats :)

Marla said...

Congrats, how exciting!! LOVE the bedding, those are gorgeous colors!

Missy said...

Congratulations!!!! I can't believe you are now officially in the waiting stage! I can't wait for "D" to come home. She has one incredible family awaiting her. I love the bedding...SO cute and perfect for a tween!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Congratulations my friend....I am SO HAPPY the paperchase is behind you!! I love what you picked for her bedroom and I am sure she will too:)


Steffie B. said...

Oh Michelle....I am so excited for you...the picture is just precious....and I love the bedding....I bought Andrews bedding from PB Teen as well.... ;)

Gail said...

Congrats Michelle! I know that's a great feeling with it gone and on it's way to China. Love the bedding, so perfect for your girl. :)

Kim said...

Congratulations!! How exciting! Can't wait to follow along this incredible journey.

Jboo said...

Congrats!! How exciting for all of you!


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Just read the good news on Facebook and now had to come here and let you know I'm so excited for you, Nolan, and the girls. I feel like you've done this in record time and am so glad God is clearing the way...I'm still praying for June but if that's not to be, I know there'll be one big party waiting for D when she comes home.

Love you~

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Also, the bedroom set is perfect and Leila's art is incredible. She's got wonderful talent.


Tisha said...

Oh, Happy Day is right!!! Congrats on this milestone. One step closer. . . That paperwork looked all too familiar.;)

LOVE the bedding. With a name like that,how could I not?! Maybe we should be getting some royalties from PB Teen. I'll have to look into that. ;)

On a serious note, I'm going to pray like crazy for Da Xin that God will prepare her heart to hear the news of her forever family. I pray that as she learns about you, sees pictures and receives your care packages that her heart will already begin to bond and attach to all of yours. I pray that she will grow crazy in love with her forever family even before she meets any of you!

Congrats again,

a Tonggu Momma said...

Woo-hoo!!!!!!! Wonderful, wonderful news. I'm gonna start praying for this transition. What a wonderful journey y'all are beginning.

Jen said...

I remember that feeling... huge weight and stress off your shoulders but nervous anticipation that the next big news will be the one you have been longing to hear. CONGRATULATIONS- HAPPY DAY!!!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the big DTC!

LaLa said...

YAY...HUGE CONGRATS!! One step closer. I teared up thinking of her being told about you : )

Love the bedding for your tween : )

Renee said...

The bed is beautiful! Any ordering information for that?

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Oh Michelle, CONGRATULATIONS on this huge milestone!! I could not be more thrilled & excited for you... one step closer to your daughter! I am praying for you and for your little girl, that you would all have hearts that are open and ready for each other!!!

I love the bedroom set - we have such similar taste. :)


Amie@HeartSmiles said...


Come on LID!!!!! And that pic is darling! Save that one for the scrap book!!!

Happy happy DTC day!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michelle, Nolan, Leila and Mia.

Continuing to pray for a quick homecoming!

Mom To Six said...

Oh my goodness, Michelle! I am giddy with excitement for you. Congrats on being DTC. There's no doubt that is a HUGE load of your shoulders. Now sit back and wait because before you know it, you'll have 3 giggling girls running around the house!



Julia said...

Congratulations!!! Now that I've seen the hand drawn photo, I know exactly what your new daughter looks like. :-) I love the new bedroom duvet, I'm sure it will be perfect, I'm a huge PB fan!

Joe and Jane said...

What a tremendous step!! Yayyyyyyy!! Beautiful bedding too. My favorite colors (and I'm sure she'll love them as well!)

Norah said...

Congrats! This was a very exciting post. I don't know who you will use to send packages and letter to your daughter, but I have 2 names if you want. Email me. . I wrote my daughter Marissa (Mei Feng) a letter every week and sent her a few packages and even a cake party. I wanted her to be as best prepared as she could be. I even woke up to an email from her once! She was with a foster family also. I could give you all of the details.

Heather said...

How on earth did I miss commenting on this most perfect post??


The bedding is gorgeous and Leila is quite the artist!

I am so happy to have a front row seat to follow your road to your sweet daughter.