Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Trip to the Water Park

We're in the midst of another very fun... but busy... weekend. Last night, we met some long-time friends who live out of state at a nearby indoor water park. Mia felt good for about the first half hour and then was felt miserable for about an hour and a half. I just held her and she didn't move - something that we are not at all used to with our little Miss Energy. Fortunately, by the second half of the night, she was feeling better and showed our friends a little of her true, bubbly personality. We started a new antibiotic on her yesterday afternoon to kick a cold she has had for about two weeks and I think it just knocked her out for a little bit. Thankfully, she is back to her normal self today. Leila had a wonderful time playing with her new friend, Kayla (age 10), and we had a great visit with our friends.

20090207_9 640

20090207_12 640

20090207_2 640

20090207_18 640

Leila and Kayla met each other one other time - over three years ago. I just love how kids can go off and act like they have known each other forever. They were inseperable the entire evening.

20090207_35 640

One of the hundred or so times that they went down this slide.

20090207_36 640

This morning, I took Mia to her Chinese class and then took Leila to a Russian grocery store to pick out some Russian candies. The girls are catching a quick nap before we head off to Leila's indoor soccer game this afternoon. We're also looking forward to a nice visit with some other friends tomorrow afternoon at our home. I hope I can fit a nap in there somewhere. ;)

I hope you are all having a great weekend!!


Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

Oh what fun! We have an indoor water park not too far from us- I just always forget about it. Need to go check it out on one of these frigid days!
Have a blessed weekend!
In Him,

Missy said...

I love, love these pics, Michelle! You are rocking that new camera of yours and you can NEVER go wrong with your beauties! I hope Mia feels better soon! Hugs!

Sharon said...

Wow, they are so lucky to get to swim!! Great shots!!

Tisha said...


I have so many of your posts to catch up on. I have been computerless for a whole week! I got a new computer and all of my files had to be transferred and then reintalled in our network, whew! Then I got the stomach flu; uggh! Anyway, thank you SO much for including me in your friendship award. I was truly touched! I hope you didn't think that I was ignoring your kind gesture. I am so glad that we have met through blogland. Even though we haven't met or spoken, I consider you my friend. :)

Now, on to what I missed on your blog. . .


Heather Marie said...

An indoor water park! How neat! :) Nice shots! Hope your little one feels better soon! :)

Mom To Six said...


What great pictures. The girls as always are adorable.

I hope this antibiotic finally kills off what your sweet Mia has. It stinks when our babies are sick!!

Colleen said...

What fun!!! Looks like you had a blast!! We love waterparks.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Looks like fun!! Great pictures of your girls splashing around...LOVE Leila's bathing cute!!

Sounds like another busy weekend....enjoy your day!


Felicia said...

Glad Miss Mia is starting to feel better. Love your pics. And, I'm exhausted just reading about your guys are some busy bees!!

Jboo said...

What a fun, busy weekend! Great photos! The water park looks awesome!


Aspiemom said...

Great pictures! I've never been to a waterpark but they look like lots of fun!

Hope Mia is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I had to stop by and say hi~ HI!!!!! I have missed spending time with you here, but please know that I have thought about you MANY MANY times.

You are loved and you are missed!!!

JinXiu said...

love the pictures

it looks like you had a blast

Doug and Terrye said...

There's nothing like a fun water park, and a few antibiotics to make a girl smile :)

Terrye in FL

Joe and Jane said...

What a wonderful time to splash around indoors to kick away the winter blahs! Glad you all had a good time.