Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Weekend

Nolan and I went on a 10-hour date yesterday. 10 hours!! It started at P*anera at noon, where we sat down and worked on our 2009 family goals together, then he and I both spent some time on our laptops - me trying to get caught up on digital scrapbooking, but I really wasn't feeling very inspired. For some reason, my creative juices were just not flowing. I can't believe how long since it's been since I've done any scrapbooking and I really need to make the time to get back into it again. After, we went to dinner and a movie. We saw "Br*ide Wars". We both thought it was good, but not great. Has anyone seen S*lumdog Millionaire? I am now wishing we would have seen that one instead.

Before church this morning, I took pictures of Mia wearing a dress that one of my mom's very dear friends purchased for Leila. I love this dress and little beret and have been saving it for Mia to wear. Both girls were in the mood for a photo shoot this morning and would have kept going for a long time. If I hadn't been in such a rush to get to church, I would have been able to capture some more really good ones with my very willing subjects.




This afternoon is a lazy Sunday afternoon. After the girls wake up from naps, it is game afternoon... W*ii, shooting some pool, playing charades, etc. We have been enjoying lots of game nights and afternoons lately and we are just loving it! We are getting lots of good out of Santa's presents. (And yes, Leila is still beating me at tennis!!) :)


Amie@HeartSmiles said...

love that you guys do family game afternoon! And those pics of the girls, darling. Can't wait to see big sis in there with them!

hugs to you!

Shawnstribe said...

beautiful Girls!!!!!!

Jill said...

Those two are sooo darn photogenic!! And pretty too!
Sounds like a fun afternoon is planned! Have fun!

Felicia said...

Wow! a 10 hour date...that rocks. Your girls are so pretty and I love that little coat and beret too.

Aspiemom said...

Your date sounded wonderful! I am envious, which isn't very Christian...
Those pictures are just wonderful! I love the dress and beret that Leila has on!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Sounds like you had a great gotta love p@nera...I call it my office away from home:)

The pictures you took of the girls this morning are FANTASTIC...the coat and beret are almost as beautiful as they are!!

Hope you have a great week:)


Julia said...

I love how you framed these photos out, you can really tell how they would look on the wall, and I think the third one definitely deserves to be printed BIG and framed. They're all gorgeous, but I love the sister shot. How nice that you had willing subjects! :-)

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

I love the frames around your pictures! What a finishing touch to some fabulous images :D

We did family game last night and had the best time :D

Ladybug hugs,

Leslie said...

Sounds like my kind of date. Glad you guys had that time together.

Those are so beautiful pictures of your two girls. Can't wait to see "D" in there with them.

Faye said...

One word Sunday--- Beautiful

Gail said...

Beautiful pics of your gorgeous girls.

How great that you could go on a date with your dh!

Jboo said...

Wow -- what beautiful photos of your lovely girls!! Sounds like a perfect day with your Hub too. Love P*anera!

Hope you have a good week!

mommy24treasures said...

ohh I love that dress too!
There are so many times I TRY to scrapbook and nothing will happen.
Very frustrating.
Glad you had a nice weekend:)

Ira said...

Hey, I have been so blessed just reading your blog.. I found it though Greg Silva, and your digital scrapbook is amazing.. veeery girly =))
We are a young international couple and would like to adopt our first child too... Probably not soon, but God has set it on our hearts. That's why your blog has been a huge encouragement. Thank you!

Marla said...

Great pictures.
Glad you got in a date, sounds like you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

What fun family time - and great "date time" too! As usual - beautiful pictures, of beautiful girls!!

Blessings for a great week!! Ashley

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle,


Kelly Green said...

Hi Michelle...sounds like 2009 is off to a fun start! I LOVE Wii. We got the Fit for Christmas - please to say I'm sore. I think Mario Kart is a hoot too! The girls look adorable as always. Hope #3 is going smoothly :)


Steffie B. said...

Darling pictures.....I wish all 3 of mine would coperate for the camera. lol

As far as the orphanage....go to Yahoo and put in her SWI in the search box. Hopefully it will find it for you and you can join. If you have trouble, email me and I will try and find if for you and send you the direct link.

Have a great week...

kris said...

sounds like good quality time all around! i still can't wait to get over to my brother's to enjoy his Wii, i've never tried it! love those photos, they're gorgeous, but then, you have those 2 beautiful subjects :O)

Sharon said...

So glad you got to go on a date!! My husband has actually been asking for one! This must be a first!haha
Love the outfits and frames too!! Such a neat post!!

Michelle said...

Great pics!

I saw Slumdog Millionaire last was SO good. Really, really good! Definitely see it!

Mom To Six said...


As always the girls are just beautiful. How cool to hear that you have such fun as a family. I LOVE IT!



Joe and Jane said...

What a fun date! And yes, Slumdog is really, really wonderful. (First movie I've seen in forever and I'm glad it was so good!)