Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Misc. Kudos & Congrats

First of all, I'd like to wish my brother a Happy 40th birthday tomorrow!! That means I'm only 23 months behind him. Yikes!

I'd also like to give Steffie a big congratulations on her referral and a shout out to Rebecca who leaves for China in 2 days to bring home her handsome little Owen. Congratulations, Steffie & Rebecca!! I am so happy for both of you!! (And if you haven't yet read how I met Rebecca, click here to learn why I will be forever grateful to her and her August 12 comment.)

And now, I'm posting a belated "Way to Go" to my husband. On New Year's Day, Nolan ran in a 5K to kick off the new year and get back into running. I'm so proud of him getting up super early to run while I hit snooze another time (and maybe yet another.) I admire runners. I would love to be one, but I find my only motivation is to run to the refrigerator. While Nolan has completed a marathon and a few half-marathons, I want to make it my goal to run in at least one 5K this year. I figure if I put it in writing, I might have better chances of actually doing it. Note to self: Must. Get. Going.

I know runners like cold weather, but spectators... not so much. It was 25 degrees out and we were FREEZING!!


Nolan's fan club had time to kill during the race, so what does one do? Take pictures, of course. (Gotta love that white winter sky.)




Mia kept saying she wanted to run with her daddy, so she ran the last few hundred feet beside him. It was just the cutest thing to see her run alongside Nolan. This was SOOOO worth standing out side in the freezing cold. (The woman in the purple hat is a friend of ours and Mia's Awana Cubbies teacher.)


Way to go, honey!

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Alyson and Ford said...

Love the pictures! Really beautiful family!
Enjoy your week and get running (I should do the same!).

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Way to go Nolan!! I love all of the pictures...especially the one of the girls in their matching pink coats, but my absolute favorite is the shot of Miss Mia running beside her Daddy.....that is a precious moment that you captured!!

Hope you have a great week my friend!


day by day said...

Wow...great job, Nolan!!! How sweet that Mia was running along side of her Daddy!

The pictures of the girls are adorable!!!

Have a great day, Michelle!!

Gail said...

Beautiful pics of your family!

Ivy said...

Love your sweet blog! It's great your hubby is running again, way to go. I keep saying I'll have to at least walk really fast:))

The girls are so cute in matching coats! They look like the best of friends!

Have a wonderful week.


Jboo said...

Yay Nolan!! I admire runners so much, but speed-walking is more my style! The girls look so cute and love how that pink pops against the winter sky!

Have a great day. And Happy B-day to your bro!


Anonymous said...


#1 - Thank you so, so much for commenting on the new blog design! Leslie was so awesome and I love, love, love it! I think it got the spruce up it needed and it all comes back to you - thank you for making the connection!

#2 - The pictures of the girls outside are awesome. Did you antique them at all - that is the look they have.

#3 - So wonderful about Steffie and Rebecca and of course praying daily for your family to be complete!!!


Femin Susan said...

Hello……. !
Very cute all these pictures... Great……. may god bless you !

Sharon said...

You take such stunning pics!! Happy bday and good for the running dude! haha Wish I would do that!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED ASIA and would use them again in a heartbeat!


Mandey said...

the pictures are great! your family is beautiful!

Steffie B. said...

Thank you so much sweet friend.....I can't wait to meet you.....and way to go Nolan...the girls look darling as ususal! ;)