Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Testing My New Toy

After voting this morning, Mia and I went to the park to try out my new toy. On Saturday, I got a new Canon 18-200mm lens and I've been dying to try it out. When we got the park, I saw the empty skateboard park. I thought that would be a good place for Mia, as she loves to run and jump.

Oh, Mommy. I just love wide open spaces to run!


And look! Balance beams!


Why can't I climb up these sloped walls, Mommy? This is too funny!


There's even a ballet bar! Let me do some stretches.


I want to do a few more jumps.
Whew! I need a rest.


Mommy, I so silly.


This was fun, but I can see the park. Can we go there now?


Ohhhhhhh... and we are the FIRST to get here!
I want to go big slide, Mommy!
Oh, Mommy. Will you please remind me that when you are first to arrive, it means I'm going to get my "bommom" wet?
Oh, this is fun... and no wet bommoms.

I love to 'wing.
Before we go, Mommy, would you like a ride in my carriage?
This was a fun morning, Mommy, and we even got to vote! I sure hope that red team wins!


LaLa said...

She is beautiful....you did a great job with your new toy : )

JinXiu said...

love the new pictures

the model is fabulous

JinXiu said...

what a great park

Anonymous said...


I scrolled through trying to choose a fave, but I just can't do it! All beautiful!

Norah said...

Great photos! Love it!

JulieM said...

Just came across your blog! You girls are darling. Beautiful pictures with your new lens!

Tisha said...

As always, absolutely beautiful pictures no matter what lens! Keep having fun testing your new toy. :)


Kate said...

Can you see me....what??? No??? Look again...I'm the GREEN one...green with envy that is!!!

Great pictures...and what a fun new toy!!!!


Jboo said...

OOOOH -- wow -- great photos! Your new toy will be lots of fun! Of course, you have the best subjects too!


Davisix said...

Oh my word! AMAZING pics! She is so beautiful!!

day by day said...

Beautiful pictures, Michelle! You are such a talented photographer!! I love the one with Mia at the top of the steps.

The wet bottom from the slide puddles happens to us...often! : )

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

GO RED!!! :)

MAJOR jealousy over your new lens!!! That is going to be my next one. :) Your pictures convinced me!!

Beautiful shots of your beautiful girl!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a great new toy!

The pictures are fantastic.....they always are, no matter what lense you use......pretty girls + talented Mommy = brilliant photos

I am hoping my husband gets some of the "subtle" hints I have been dropping and gets me one of these lenses for a Christmas gift...

delucchi family said...

Love the photos!! Did you edit them before posting? Does your lense have a built in image stabiliser? Can I ask which make of lense you got?
Ish, sorry for all the questions, I have just spent the last week playing with my new cannon camera too - still SO much to learn.
Love Jules

Shawnstribe said...

wow , i love the colours and clarity, and of course themodel : )

Marla said...

The pictures get better and better

Kelly Green said...

What crisp and clear pictures!! Looks like a fun day...and I agree...your model was perfect :) Her smile is contagious!

Hope your well.

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

WOW what amazing pictures!!! Your new toy turn out being a good investment, investing in years of memory making!!

Mia, is just darling in all of her shots

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Your new "toy" does great work. Actually, you do the great work...

Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures of adorable Mia.

Hope the chase is going well.


Tonya said...

Michelle, these photos are just BEAUTIFUL! Man, you guys sure put a mean case of "girl fevers" on me.. LOL!! (Maybe ONE day I can talk the hubby into adopting a baby girl) =-)

Heather said...

I want one of those toys too!! You did good, Mommy and your subject, well, she is a masterpiece!

Have a great day, friend

Mom To Six said...

Amazing pictures. Amazing little beauty. I want to get a new lens for my Canon also.

Great job, Mama!

kris said...

well, you just can't go wrong with her as your subject!! but wow, amazing photos!!

Missy said...

These are beautiful shots of precious Mia! She always looks so happy and sure of herself...doesn't that do your heart good?

You will LOVE that lens. I have it and it is, by far, my favorite. Have a great weekend!

El said...

My three year old, Jace, says "bommom" too. Isn't it the cutest thing ever? Your girls are gorgeous! =)

Chris and Deb said...

Gorgeous shots Michelle! Adorable subject too! :)