Saturday, June 28, 2008

Leila's 7th Birthday Bash & More

First of all, Happy Birthday Jo Ann! The girls send their Nana big hugs!

Wow! What a full day. I am amazed I am still awake, but then again, I took a long nap along with everyone else in our house today. We woke up early to start getting ready for Leila's 7th birthday party. Her birthday isn't actually until July 4th, but her party is always early or late because of July 4th celebrations. I planned it to be an outdoor karaoke and water slide party, but we weren't sure what the weather was going to do. It was supposed to rain, it looked like rain, but it didn't rain until after the party. YEAH! I was SO thankful for that! I had hired someone to come and do karaoke. Guess what? He didn't show. A flat tire, apparently. So, I was scrambling to do faux karaoke. The girls still had fun, but the party planner in me was not pleased. Although the party didn't go exactly how I had planned it, everyone seemed to have a great time. We had two tired kids and three very tired adults after the house had cleared. (Thanks, Mom, for your help!) After a much-needed nap, we headed to Leila's favorite restaurant and then Nolan and I took Leila to see Kung Fu Panda. (Two thumbs up, by the way.)

And to top off our great day, I received a very nice surprise. A very sweet lady nominated my blog for an award. Thanks, Krista! I'll do a post about this later. Super busy day tomorrow, too - church, church picnic and evening pool party, but soon, my friend! Thank you!

Leila 7th BDay Party 1

Leila 7th BDay Party 2

Leila 7th Bday Party 4

Leila 7th BDay Party 3

Leila 7th Bday Evening

Digital Kit: Flower Stand by Shabby Miss Jenn.


LaLa said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!! Looks like you celebrated in style : )

JinXiu said...

Happy Birthday

what a great party

mommy24treasures said...

oh HOW fun! I can just tell they had such a blast!
Great scrapbooking too:)

Annette said...

Happy Birthday Leila! What an awesome birthday party! Where ever did you get the life size Hannah? Isabella would go crazy!!!

Steffie B. said...

wow......what a great time....and look at those smashing scrap pages....and please tell me that you have a HUGE portrait of the girls hanging in your home with the green dresses.....I mean....those pictures are just STUNNING.....I can't get over them....did you take them???

Have a great week?

Bella's momma said...

Happy Birthday Leila!

Michelle, from the looks of it NO BODY missed the karaoke guy. The party, the slide, the Hannah Montana sign it all looks WONDERFUL. You did an amazing job. I will be coming to you for birthday party planning tips in the near future!

Have a fabulous week,


redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday Leila!

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog and for volunteering to reach out to Amanda at Starfish. I will be sending out an e-mail with Amanda's address and will be sure to include you.

Your blog is just darling. It looks like we have some wonderful friends in common : )

Amie said...

For a little bit i will have limited internet access.. and it is very slow. Sometimes it loads pics, sometimes, not.. choosing not to right now.So i can't see the pics of the party..bummer about the karoake

glad to hear everyone survived and sounds like they all had a ball!!!!

Congrats mommy...